In the off-site Blog of Lady God1va, who I consider to be a friend and pioneer among naturists in Europe, there was a post asking, "Where Are The Naturist Females?" in which she made some excellent personal observations on participation by the ladies.

I replied to this the other day and I also wanted to share it here because of the excellent quality of many discussions CFF hosts. Although it could have gone in "Miscellaneous" or "Female Issues", I did not feel either of these is exactly right for the discussion. So I am sharing it in the form of a Blog posting; I hope this is as searchable as all other postings and welcome EVERY member's feedback and additions. Here goes:

"I believe there is a societal issue with to many young and middle-aged males automatically viewing revealing attire, partial nudity or full nudity as a sexual statement. Regardless of the reason the dress is made of the softest, sheer material which may let the breeze and light through at certain angles and the female is wearing it for purely hedonistic reasons (i.e. it feels good and makes her feel good), men are not coached to allow for dress options surving this simple purpose. Well, I suppose some are in foreign (i.e. non-U.S.) countries where men also wear loose and comfortable clothing, but in our country the majority of males wear many layers of snuggly fitting undergarments and garments (cotton, spandex waistbands, constricting denim, or multi-layered business suits). Men's clothing is often designed to create clean looking lines, enhance the shoulders, flatten the stomache and present an image of assuredness to those around them.

This leads me to believe blogs like this one and others bringing the issue of "dressing" to the forefront of discussions on Naturism, Nudism and alternative lifestyles, are very important to planting the seeds of subtle change in the minds of the next generations. We may be too late to change the attitudes of many men in the present generation, but we can certainly "coach" younger men not to regarding beautiful, light-weight and semi-transparent clothing as a tool of sexual expression. As has been written already, each person should have the ability to wear what they wish, when and where they wish, but situations often dictate attire at the present time. We were more formal clothing to business functions, church or temple socials, and weddings, and one could hardly imagine being able (permitted or allowed) to go to these events nude. Is this what we eventually hope to achieve? Or is the idea of simply being able to stop by a shopping mall, stroll the boulevard, pop into a grocery store or see a movie in any form of clothing we wish a more "realistic", short-term goal?

Much like the present Occupy Wall Street protests in America, I feel we collectively need to envision HOW we would like to see the changes occur (in what steps or increments) and then we need to lay that plan out for open consideration and implementation. Simply having a goal of, 'Well, I'd like to wear this great piece of nearly nothing today.' is kind of vague and poorly defined. I am not trying to be critical of anyone's individual goals or methods, but for societal changes to occur there needs to be a roadmap and milemarkers along the way by which we measure our progress.

As a male I am ready, willing and able to wear less conventional wardrobe choices around my home, neighborhood and [perhaps] even to local shops, but being "ready" to and actually doing it may be two separate things. If I wear a woven fabric poncho of a non-reavealing cut and lay to the local shopping mall, how is the property management likely to react? Will they ask me to leave today and not return until I have a more "appropriate" outfit in their view? As owners of private property in the U.S. they may be entitled to take exactly that measure.

What attitude and reaction are we likely to encounter in public spaces? In the U.S. as long as an outfit is not explicitly revealing or violate what are referred to as "community decency standards" (a very vague concept) it is likely a man or woman could wear almost anything. We do see people, mostly females, wearing exceedingly form-fitting workout wear and this happened within the past two weeks at a local public park. My reaction at the time was one of feeling the young woman was a textbook definition of fitness, health and [yes] beauty, but that was strictly a superficial reaction to her outward appearance. There is no telling whether she was truly healthy or might have been working out that day in order to fight-off some newly discovered cancer within her body.

We are complex creatures and the issues of body, mind, or "don't mind" [what a person does in public] are likely to remain complex as well for some time to come! I encourage everyone to continue discussing them and for the male parents in the audience in particular, coach your boys not to wolf-whistle at pretty girls, not to shout out "street slang" compliments, and to remember the girl or woman they are seeing is a person, has feelings and may even have a family of her own just like yours.

Best wishes,

Thanks very much for reading my Blog posting. I am excited to learn whether any CFF members believe or know for a fact that a plan for the future of Naturism/Nudism exists. Perhaps the closest thing I can think of the the NEF (Naturist Education Foundation) and I seem to recall they are not simply an organization which responds to "needs" for educational intervention (e.g. teaching a group of witnesses what Naturism is, or perhaps assisting as a friend of the court in cases of child custody).

All relevant thoughts and comments are highly encouraged!