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Single (or solo) male acceptance at nudist resorts

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    Both our daughter's were being raised as nudists. At the awkward teen years, they decided not to continue living that way. Some 20 years later, they both wanted to visit a nude beach resort in the Caribbean with us. We felt that it would be a good idea for them to experience social nudism locally first so they got an idea of what it was like. We took them to our nude beach and they enjoyed it, even though there were some questionable activities going on further down the beach. They enjoyed it enough that on the second, third and forth trips down to the beach, they brought our grandkids.

    ​Since that vacation to the nude beach resort in the Caribbean, our oldest dabbles in nudism at home; skinny dipping, hot tube use, sleeping naked, but it's not all the time, not every day, nowhere close to how we live. Our youngest is a bit more reserved but wanted to take her reintroduction into nudism a bit further and began visiting us for the day at our club and at a resort in Palm Springs. She wanted to join our club but she was going through a divorce and her once accepting and supportive ex husband was now totally against any of that activity surrounding their children.

    ​When our youngest daughter began dating again, she talked to us about it. She openly stated that during the first date, she asked the date something like, "how do you feel about non sexual nudity at home, nudism and social nudism." If they were mature, asked mature questions, were open and positive about it, there was a second date. If they began to make jokes, acted immature, started asking questions about open relationships and sex, etc. , the date ended and there were no more dates.

    ​She's been in a relationship with a divorced guy with two daughters. By the middle of their first date, he was curious and gave the right answers to her questions. They both have to be careful with any nudism at home or even discussing it because both their ex's are bitter people, especially the boyfriend's ex. Being open and honest from the beginning is a good policy but many will not for fear of ending a relationship that may be great on ALL other levels but nudity and nudism is the stumbling block. It's important to many ... me included but I wouldn't DUMP a woman just because she was not interested in nudism but I might end the relationship if we could not agree on a compromise. And, It would depend on if I thought there might be a chance to convince them to at least give home nudism a try.