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My 2 cents on nudism and sexuality

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    Re: My 2 cents on nudism and sexuality

    We often equate nudity and sex because we are taught that nudity = sex. Throughout there entire lives, most people are nude only under 2 circumstances: bathing and sex; and not always during the latter. I recall an acquaintance, who is an orthodox Jew, admit to me that he has never seen his wife nude.
    People can be conditioned to be aroused by just about anything. Some Muslims are sent into a tizzy by the sight of a woman's hair(scalp, not even pubic).

    As nudists we cannot de-condition our entire society. The best we can do is perhaps save one or two and make them see that our lifestyle is open, honest and healthy.
    Nudists call themselves "natural" which is a major buzzword in advertising these days. Natural grains, natural ingredients, natural this, natural that, why not a natural lifestyle. If we can be gluten free or additive free, why can we not be clothes free? In my years of being a nudist I have yet to witness an orgy in a nudist setting. Or even any display of sexuality.

    Our sense of modesty is merely conditioning, not an natural instinct and thus can be cured, but only if one wants to be cured and one is shown a healthy alternative to our taboo filled lives.