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  • Recent post on the AANR blog

    AANR recently posted an article on their blog discussing nudism and sexuality.

    Here's the second paragraph:
    "There are clubs that will not allow anyone to hold hands while being nude. There are clubs that will not allow tattoos or piercings for fear of being too sexual. At some clubs you cannot repeat an “off color” joke, no matter how funny it is. Then there are clubs that require clothing to be worn while dancing. And, of course, there are clubs that promote themselves as sexually open and have no problem with overt sexual activities. Yes, there is a third type of club that has found that balance between being overt sexually or scared to show any sexuality. The fact that you have these three different types of clubs makes it more confusing to separate the idea between being nude and having sex."

    It has set off a flurry of comments. If you care about the topic of social nudity & sexuality, I suggest you stop by and add your two cents.

    - Jasen.

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    OK. I just took the bait and jumped in. I agree with you Jasen - about the writing AND the content. Posted a link to a piece I wrote on the topic a few weeks ago on my blog - relinking it here.

    Before launching off into this post, this would be a good time to reiterate a few basic tenants of the meandering naturist’s ideological and philosophical perspectives, which I might add, speaks to that of his wife as well – who has been an enthusiastic “co-conspirator” in the campaign for family naturism and everything we believe…


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      Originally posted by NakedDaniel View Post
      I agree with you Jasen - about the writing AND the content.
      Good. I'm glad it wasn't just me being a grammar Nazi.