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Classic "Sailor Jerry" Tattoos

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    Originally posted by LamontCranston View Post
    My uncle has a Sailor Jerry tattoo on his forearm from when he was in the Navy. She's about 3 or 4 inches tall, high heels and hands on her hips. He tells a story about going back in to have a bikini added before he was married. He says he volunteered but I can't help picturing his Mom (my grandmother), his fiance, and his future mother-in-law hovering in the background.

    And like Mosquito Bait's grandfather, my uncle finishes the story by saying, "So don't ever get a tattoo." It seems the decisions a 19-year old sailor makes at 2 AM while on a port-of-call aren't always the best. :surprised:
    Hehe. Yes, a Sailor Jerry tattoo is something that a young person may regret in the future. :-) I'm not worried though, because i'm 50. I'm already "too old" for this tattoo, so less of a chance of regret! :-P

    I'd love to see a real one though. Of course i've only seen pictures!

    Originally posted by BrianP View Post
    Those are some COOL tattoos. I have 5 tatts so far. 2 on each arm and one on my chest. I realy like Indian stuff so I have a feather on one are and am looking into getting a bear paw print on my chest some day.
    Oh, i bet a bear paw print would look great! :-) So are all of your tatts and Indian theme, and do you plan to keep to that in the future?


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      No only two of them are. I only have plans for one more tattoo right now. If I do decide to put one on my back I would like to get a dragon.


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        Re: Classic "Sailor Jerry" Tattoos

        its such a classic tattoo im starting to see more or these come around again