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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by WacoTX:
    The problem with tattoos is that of individual taste applied to an art form. I like some tattoos but dislike others (the barbed wire around the arm). When contemplating the acquisition of a tattoo one should consider what it will look like when they are 40, 50, 70, or 80. A tattoo may look good when one is young, fit, and trim. What will it look like when you have let youself get --- whatever. </div></BLOCKQUOTE>
    Thats the main consideration for my decision against having a tattoo, a boss from years ago had a tattoo when he was in the Royal Navy whe he was 19 , but at 50 something the tattoo was unrecognisable. I thought to myself, why would I want to defile my body like that?

    Pete Knight


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      Psst Clam. It was me, not David you were responding to.

      Clam:"Others may like that appearance, but there are people who like systic fibrosis too"

      Who likes cystic fibrosis? Yes, it is a question that needs to be repeated.

      I have no problem with your dislike of piercings, but don't compare it to a potentially fatal disease. Nobody wants nor likes having CS. Why say that?

      Bob S.


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        The fibrosis thing was only a medaphor comparason, not for real. As you said. no one really likes that any more than the common cold.


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          I don't have any piercings or tattoos myself, but I have met several nudists who did and I really don't have a problem with it. I don't think I'll ever get one, but I don't judge others that have them.

          Before judging me, judge yourself


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            I do not have piercings or tattoos of any kind. I did once have an ear pierced, but later let it grow closed again. They don't add anything to the natural beauty of the body, rather they detract from it. Exotic piercings become focal points, an oddity to attract attention.
            But you don't offend me if you happen to have such body "art".
            Its worth considering how many people have regretted a tattoo later in life, before getting one.


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              #1. Deliberately disfiguring ones body for the fun of it (piercings) just doesn't go with the concept of naturism (respect for ones and others body). That a majority of people simply do not care (anymore) is (imho) a reflection of the society we live in and that has gone astray from values to consumerism (see also #3 below).

              #2. There is the other active topic "bad badies", indeed a (heavily) pierced body is really bad in a naturist environment.

              #3. I have deliberately used the word naturism. I know for some of you of from the US that is the same as nudism, but for most Europeans it is not, and as a nudist no-one will bat an eye if you pierce yourself to pieces.

              Anyway, just a thought....


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                With all due respect Naturist4ever that seems a bit harsh. It's a pretty common thing nowadays and I wouldn't call that a bad thing. My team leader at work is getting her daughter a belly piercing for her 14th birthday this week. That shows it's become very mainstreet U.S.A.


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                  Well, my neighbor's sixteen year old just had her nipples pierced and just had to show them off to my wife and I last thursday.
                  They were nice, she had gotten ones that looked like the oak leaf clusters on a few of my medals and they looked right for her personality.
                  Her mom's are just the old fashioned straight bar kind.
                  So, it has definately hit Mainstream America when there are generational differences in the style of the body jewelery each generation prefers.

                  But, still I say ... OUCH!


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                    Have to agree with you, Nacktman, it has definitely hit mainstream America -but OUCH. Don't have any piercings or tattoos myself, but have close friends & family with either or both. They would have to do something much worse than that to prevent me from associating with them.


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                      >> my neighbor's sixteen year old just had her nipples pierced

                      A 16yr old who has her nipples pierced - that beautiful part of the body that is to nurture her offspring?????? Honestly, it is time for the iris-piercing for those that seem too blind to see the ludicruous damage they inflict onto themselves (eheh).


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                        <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">A 16yr old who has her nipples pierced - that beautiful part of the body that is to nurture her offspring?????? Honestly, it is time for the iris-piercing for those that seem too blind to see the ludicruous damage they inflict onto themselves (eheh). </div></BLOCKQUOTE>

                        I just can't figure out why people are so worried about everyone else. Does it hurt you to have her nipples peirced? I can understand the thought process where you might not like it and not want it for you or you kids, but to be so bothered by some thing like that is just silly to me.


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                          I've seen many posts asking WHY anyone would get a body piercing. Let me shed some light on the subject, but by no means am I an expert.

                          People who get piercings do so for many reasons and not just sexual. For some, its a form of expression. A way to express themselves, i.e. like people who color their hair green or have a mohawk. For others it's a way to rebel against society and it's norms. And for others, they consider their body to be a work of art and a blank canvas.


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                            piercing post!

                            I don't care one way or another it does seem that if you have something extra down there it's gonna draw some attention from both gender so I wonder if piercing down there is for just that reason, to draw attention or if there is some other reason like sexual stimulation, once again I'm a little confused and have always wondered about that.

                            I did once have a girlfriend who joked around about me getting some kind of piercing down there that would do something for sex but I never looked into it as that relationship went by the wayside.

                            This thread did remind me of something that just happened a few weeks ago...

                            You see, I'm in an open relationship with my girl and "we" have a little nudist girlfriend who has both of her nipples pierced, it's kinda neat

                            Anyway, this chick and one of her friends wanted to go for a ride in the jeep and soon into the ride, this girl takes her top off and I noticed she didn't have her hoops in her boobies

                            So I said something and she says... "You think I can put this through one of my boobies?" and I just about ran off the road when I looked over to see what she had in mind!

                            It was one of those cocktail swords

                            Well... she did it and man did it give me goosebumps! Especially when she pulled it back out

                            Anyway, you boys be careful when tooling around with your tool. Don't fix what ain't broken is what I say. Plus if you go hanging stuff from your johnson your gonna draw attention to it. Heck, I'd look and I'm as straight as an arrow and once I looked I'd feel a little uncomfortable about looking

                            N N


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                              Re: Body piercings

                              well I have a few piercings and I love them, I have my nipple plus one down boyfriend has one down below as well and we find that they're a great way to meet people...We are regulars at a nude resort out Hamilton way and alot of people approach us to ask us about them and next thing you know we're having a nice conversation with them and have made some new friends. I personally think that it's entirely your own choice, piercings are not for everyone but to have others say that they're stupid and look terrible, thats not fair, us pierced people don't knock you for not having piercings.


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                                Re: Body piercings

                                That's very cool Girlygirl.
                                It's nice that they have been conversation starters. It makes lots of sense to me that your piercings would be more widely accepted with nudists. We're all about openness and accepting others after all.

                                Question: how painful were the piercings "down below"?