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Is there a magic way to convert the reluctant spouses?

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    Originally posted by Kouak View Post
    I have been on 2 dating sites. On eHarmony, you send questions back and forth a few time, and then you get to mail your match if you pay the fee. I have been getting into the habit of mentioning that I was a nudist in my questions and answers. About 60% either stop communicating with me or politely say it is not for them. On OKCupid, there is nothing like the question format. You just mail them directly. I do mention to my matches that I'm a nudist when I think it is not "forced" in the conversation. At least I know from the get go what my dates think about nudism.

    I was just having this conversation with one of our guests last night. He, too, wasn't sure when to bring up the social nudity conversation with prospective dates. I told him of a married couple we know who met on one of the dating sites. He was in Houston and she was in Phoenix. After several messages and phone calls they decided it was time to meet F2F. He figured before investing in the airfare, he would get the nude subject out and see what happened. She was fine about it...although not really sure what it meant, but was willing to find out what it was about. He waited until they had developed some level of a relationship before springing it on her. Now married and just built a "tiny house" at a nudist resort in Idaho for a summer home. I guess it worked! Both happily nudists.

    But, one way to broach the subject of social nudity is just to mention you like "skinnydipping". It is a much less threatening word than nudist. It conjures up summer days as a kid skinnydipping in the river. Just a thought.


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      hahahaha ... until she finds out you take that "skinnydippin'" from the pool/hot tub, into the house, all over the house and everywhere in between!

      Granted ... there are more diplomatic ways of telling someone you are entering into a relationship with, that you are a nudist ... but I think it's something that needs to be discussed before you're both into a relationship beyond, internet chat, phone calls and that first F2F meeting.

      I think "skinnydippin' " is a great ice breaker to segue into a discussion on everyday, non sexual nudity around the house. Also depends on the open mindedness of the person that you are dealing with. Good luck to all, no matter what you're approach is!


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        Originally posted by Rockdad
        I've heard of couples that it was the male that was reluctant one. Thought to myself that has to be a rare thing? Actually over the past couple of years really getting to know some of the members. I've learned two of our closest couple friends started with the male being the reluctant spouse. Talking to a member at the pool one day she announced she finally got her boyfriend to come back and visit again. He was pretty shell shocked when he did visit the first time. Just in my little nudist world I came across four reluctant males so I see it happens more than one would think.
        A good friend of mine once recounted to me the story of how her husband was introduced to nudism.
        The story on how she became a nudist herself is a good one. One of her dearest friends was a member at White Tail Park; after he moved there and became a resident, he invited her to visit him. Since she was not a nudist at the time and had no desire to be one, she respectfully declined. But then he fell gravely ill. He didn't really have anyone to look after him, so she decided that his health was more important than her concerns about being around nude people. And so she took a few days off and headed out to White Tail Park. And so - long story short - she nursed him back to health. She got comfortable with the nudity around her, and as he got better, she got "nuder." I think it's a very altruistic and touching way to become a nudist!

        But I digress. After that she'd occasionally return to WTP to visit him. And her routine was to go to his home, disrobe once she got there and remain nude for the day. Then she started dating her future husband. The WTP friend invited the both of them to a get-together at his place; the boyfriend was VERY reluctant, but agreed to go. They set out for WTP, and when they arrived, she disrobed as she normally did. The boyfriend froze. He was convinced to disrobe; which he did very reluctantly. And what happened next was straight out of a movie. He stood right behind her; and refused to move from his "hidden" spot! The entire day he stayed right behind her, using her nude body as a "shield" to hide behind! My friend was a bit embarrassed; but didn't want to seem unsupportive. Any attempt to make him participate or give her some space was met with an anxiety-ridden negative. That was the one and last time he went to a nudist resort.

        So yes; there are absolutely some males out there that are also plagued with hang-ups and body issues. They are not as frequent; but those situations do happen!