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N Magazine - issue 33.4 - all women authors and stories

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  • N Magazine - issue 33.4 - all women authors and stories

    A rather unusual and unique issue. The summer 2014 edition of "N" - The Magazine of Naturist Living - number 33.4 - features a wide variety of topics, from body acceptance, to photography, to self-assurance -- all authored by women. The description of the magazine content =

    You donít even have to open the cover of 33.4 to know that this is going to be a great issue! Helen Smith Jones created this issue's cover to encompass the many facets of women in naturism and we feel she did exactly that. Weíve included a profile on Helen so you can get to know the innovative lady behind the art.

    This issue begins with The Vagina Monologues which was performed nude on the February 2014 Bare Necessities cruise. Then Nancy Casey regales us with The Naked Truth About Being Nude; there is an article on facebook censorship, the healing powers of naturism and Judy Williams proclaiming I am Naturist Woman! Hear Me Roar!

    If thatís not enough to get you reading this issue check out Shirley Mason talking about Haulover Beach and all it has to offer, another profile on a young naturist mom who began taking Yoga classes and is now a Yoga instructor. Another profile on a naturist woman who practices naturism on her terms and yet another who questions whether she is right with God. Becky Silverstein writes about naturism and how itís not what she thought it would be and Suzanne Schell shares arenít we all naturists for ourselves? And thereís even moreÖ

    There is no doubt that this is the issue that is bound to be the go to publication for anyone who is on the fence about trying naturism. From cover to cover this issue is filled with something for everyone. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed putting it together for you.

    Be sure to purchase two copiesÖone to keep and one to give as a gift!

    If you're a member of The Naturist Society, you should have received your copy by now. Some bookstores might carry it; some nudist parks offer it for sale ($9 U.S., $11.50 Canada). OR - you can order it directly from the link below - for $9 plus $3 shipping --

    If you have a reluctant wife or girlfriend - it might make some effective shared reading/discussion, or a wonderful coffee-table magazine, or both.

    Besides, everybody oughta be a member of TNS Discounts at clubs, reduced registration at TNS gatherings, and a great magazine delivered four times a year to your home in a plain white envelope.

    mrslurk is an avid reader and she enjoyed it -- of course, she knew or had met some of the writers-- and had declined to be interviewed for one of the articles, although its author is a good friend of both of us.

    It's a good read.