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Bringing up nudity to family members

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    I first got interested in being naked totally by accident; when I was 13 my parents moved to a house with a pool and moving day was dreadfully hot and swimsuits were never going to be found. My brothers were both much younger so Mom agreed they didn't need them, but she said I was "too old". I protested vigorously, not because I wanted to swim naked, but merely because it was too hot to care. Eventually she relented. Well, I discovered what we all now know, namely how much better it is to be nude, and then continued not wearing a suit the next several days, even after she had unpacked everything. This also was met with protests, but both Mom and Dad were too busy with the move to put up much of a fuss. So, I sort of backed into it, but it worked well, because the original issue was not being naked, just swimming vs being hot. In due course they decided they were ok with my nudity, so this continues all the way through HS.

    So I guess what I am saying is that if you can figure out some good excuse why you ought to be naked, then its probably much easier to convince any reluctant family members that its ok. Like maybe its laundry day and you want whatever you have on to be washed, so instead on going back to your room and changing, just take it off in front of everyone and put it in the wash. Or you can't find your PJ's so you need to sleep naked, and maybe someone sees you. Or you come down to breakfast undressed because you can't figure out what you want to wear that day. A little bit of thought can surely create better ideas than I have suggested, depending on your situation.