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Males' experience of waxing?

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  • I've resumed my waxing treatments with my aesthetician. I've had two sessions since my last post. Not sure if it's normal and from what she's hinting at, it isn't, but I now go into the room and strip completely and am that way until she's all done removing the hair I want removed. She's also telling me what I need to have done for subsequent visits so that my hairless body area, blends with the slightly to moderately hairy areas. She also gave me a hug and thanked me for being so comfortable with being nude around her. She stated that many of her clients, both male and female, always want the least amount of skin showing while she's waxing. She said that it makes it quite difficult to do a thorough job and she's always having to apologize for getting wax on their clothes. Glad I started these sessions back up again. Enjoying not shaving every other day!