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First time shaving "down there"

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  • First time shaving "down there"

    This falls in the "way too much information" category, but what the heck.

    I'm having a vasectomy in a few days. In preparation I had to shave my scrotum. A razor has never touched my nether regions. Since I had to do it, I decided to overachieve and shaved all around my scrotum and trimmed my pubes rather short. I bought one of those fancy electric body trimmer things to do the deed.

    I am not a fan. My hairless scrotum feels sweaty and sticks to the inside of my thighs. I can already feel *****ly bits poking in awkward places. IMHO, my penis looks silly. Longer, yes, but silly.

    It seems to me scrotal and penile hairs serve valuable functions of wicking away sweat and keeping the skin down there from sticking to itself. My bush probably doesn't do much, but I don't think I'll bother to trim it again.

    My wife seems totally uninterested. I tried a little, "hey, look at this", and she didn't bat an eye or express any curiosity about the new manscaping.

    So to those who groom down there: good for you, glad you like it. I'll go back to the natural look.

    - Jasen.

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    Must be a slow news day!


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      Originally posted by FireProf View Post
      Must be a slow news day!
      No, there was great news yesterday - ESA landed Philae on a comet!


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        When I had my hip replacement, in the pre-op, they shaved a portion of my hair. When I got home several days later, I decided to shave the entire genital area so the area they shaved wouldn't look so awkward (they only shaved a portion). That too, was the first time a razor shaved that region. Yes, it looked different and felt al lot different. But after fighting the "bumps" from the shaver, I decided it wasn't for me, so I let it grow back out. It was an experience I probably won't be revisiting.