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Can someone be obsessed with the desire to be nude?

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  • Can someone be obsessed with the desire to be nude?

    This is not be a body image or shame issue, but it is a mental issue that I am increasingly more aware of in my life these days.

    Can someone be obsessed with the desire to be nude?

    The reason I ask this is because I think I am. It seems that the more I cannot be nude, the more I want to be. With my non-nudist son at home, not having the resources to visit somewhat local clubs on a regular basis, and having no other nudists nearby to socialize with my nude time is extremely limited.

    Is this a good thing, a bad thing, should I seek counseling? It is rather depressing at times and seems to affect other aspects of my life - family, textile friends, my job.

    For now I plan on doing some serious thinking on how I can bring this obsession into balance with the rest of my life. I'll keep the asprin nearby as I'm sure to develop a few whopper headaches in the process.


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    Some nudists may tell you that even if nudism becomes an obsession, it still is a pretty harmless one. I would not necessarily agree with that; particularily if your desire to be nude creates conflict within yourself, affects your relationships or your ability to enjoy life.

    Yes, I used to be obsessed with nudism. The first three years after I became a nudist, I was mainly concerned with learning about the philosophy and history of nudism. And getting my wife to accompany to the resort, which was a gradual process, even though our home was clothesfree. But when we became social nudists in 1999, I simply figured there was not much else in life worth doing. It turned into a full-fledged obsession. I was not interested in going to a beach if it wasn't nude. I was not interested in socializing unless it was in a nudist environment. I spent hours upon hours in nudist chatrooms, forums and collecting nudist pics. If we went for more than two weeks without a nudist outing, or went on vacation without stopping by a resort or some nudist friends' house, I would consider the vacation completely ruined and be visibly angry for days. My wife, initially interested in occasional social nudism, became repelled by my obsession with it. She maintained her clothesfree ways at home, but demonstrated more and more resistance to social nudism. My resulting depression sent me in a downward spiral that resulted in getting fired from my job. I think part of me knew that I could fired for surfing nudist sites at work; but I don't think that I subconsciously really cared.

    My marriage has dissolved since and I now live alone. Thankfully (in some sense), nudism was a small issue compared to the real irreconcilable differences that plagued our marriage; otherwise, I'd be dealing with some serious self-loathing right now. But finding myself in a small town, alone and without friends has allowed me to get back in touch with the pre-nudist Nudony. I've traded my nudist membership for a gym membership. I've traded visits to the resort with visits to the mountain trails, which also allows me to become "one with nature." I've traded compulsive nudist web-surfing with on-line courses. My obsession with being a complete, all-around nudist has been eclipsed by a much healthier drive to be the "best Nudony" possible. Sure, I'm still nude at home 99% percent of the time (I'm nude as I'm typing this) and I still drop in nudist forums to throw in my 5 cents; and I will still support nudism whenever it comes up in conversation (I just recently defended nudism when a home-nudist co-worker was "outed"). But it doesn't have any of that obsessive, ranting behavior that I used to display. Is social nudism "out" for me? Somehow, I doubt it. I'm sure the opportunity to be nude with a friend or loved one will come along at some point. And when it does happen, I'll be real cool about it, savoring the moment just for what it is, without attaching a bunch of mental "gunk" to it.

    It may sound cliche, but the key word here is Balance. If you find yourself thinking about nudism excessively, take a time-out. Look for other hobbies, even if they seem (and they will seem) pale compared to nudism. If you're not a physical fitness afficionado such as myself, pick up an instrument. Or a pen and paper. Or some lumber and some tools. When the opportunity to be nude presents itself: grab it. And then let it go. It will come back. In the meantime, go ahead and pick up that instrument.

    This Zen moment was presented to you by Nudony!
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      Nudony makes some good points. Just remember to keep everything in perspective.


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        Nudony you really hit the nail on the head. I found myself experiencing a lot of the attitudes you mentioned in your post. I have found myself ignoring outside tasks around the house as I could not perfom them in the nude. Although my "obsession" is not as extreme as you described, it still dictates a lot of my actions. I must say your post has opened my eyes to a lot of my personal turmoil concerning nudism. Unfortunately I have not been able to convince my wife to experience the freedom of nudism, so I have more or less given up on it. I do on occasions forward posts from this forum to her so she may understand my interest in the lifestyle.

        Thanks again Nudony for your excellent post.


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          Stay Positive

          Hey Guy....

          Take it all in stride. Don't overthink this issue too much. Remain positive and upbeat. As we all enjoy the freedom of nudity, we learn to balance the limits we need to adhere to. There is nothing wrong with enjoying nudity it's all learning to maintain the limits we need to to live a lifestyle some folks still cannot bring themselves to enjoy... Oh what they are missing!


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            Thank you for sharing your life experiences with us, as it can give us more insight into our own lives with any problem with obsession and/or compulsion dealing with nudity.


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              I have to admit, after reading some of the comments, there are some very good points made. I do like to work in the back yard more, now that I can be nude. My non-nude family members know I am nude in the back, but I will cover when I know they will be back there with me (barbequeing, family gatherings, etc.). While in the house, I wear my wrap around, which is just as good as being naked since it is made of a very light material. It is very evident I have nothing on underneath with the split side, but the 'bits' are covered, therefore it is accepable.

              I have put off going to town, visiting friends, relatives just so I can stay home and be nude. I have almost been 'caught' numerous times.. Our Sons and Grandson have caught me, and nothing has been said, but I cover up. I don't run and hide, but rather finish pouring my coffee, reading an article, or whatever I'm doing then cover up. Now, the Mother-in-Law and our Sons' girlfriend who lives with us has never caught me, yet. I'm sure that is bound to happen one day.

              My wife (hw) have become accepting of my wanting to be nude, but warns me when the house starts to 'wake up'. She will not join me with every one here, but she will when the house is empty, which isn't very often nowl. Our only nude time is confined to the bedroom, which is part of our addition. So it's better than nothing.

              One of these days, the house will be empty and we will be able to walk freely nude as a goose. But that isn't going to happen any time soon.


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                Originally posted by nudeM View Post

                One of these days, the house will be empty and we will be able to walk freely nude as a goose. But that isn't going to happen any time soon.

                Dreamer :rotflmao:


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                  Yes, you can be obsessed with the desire to be nude, I think I am. I do not harm anybody or myself with it, so I think it is OK.


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                    Yes, I am obsessed so you can imagine my frustration with living in the U.S. I like it warm so maybe I should live in Barcelena where nudity has a relatively healthier outlook.


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                      Don't count on it being warm all the time in Barcelona, I've just got back from the Mediterranean coast and some pretty awful weather, they've had snow for the last couple of winters, its all this global warming you know!!!

                      Pete Knight


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                        A person can be obsessed with just about anything, so I do not see this as being an exception. My approach to being nude is that being clothed or not really isn't a big deal to me. I do not feel compelled to be either way, unless I need to be clothed to go out in public.


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                          Yes you can be obsessed.

                          our nudist group was looking for more members and a lot of us play volleyball. I suggested that we have members who would play at various volleyball venues with our NorthCoast Naturists t-shirts and that would gain interest. Many of them refused because they ONLY wanted to play volleyball nude.

                          Go figure


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                            NCguy49, you are a very brave man to pose this question. I commend you on you willingness to find out. I believe just as most have stated, that you need to put things in perspective. The fact that your son has moved home and your "nude time" has decreased is disappointing. I too have had my adult children move home and they do cut into our social life. Please do yourself a favor and relax. If you want nude time, create it. Spend more time in your bedroom or den or office, place where you can be alone. If that doesn't work, I suggest the weekend getaway, works for us. The bottom line is that you want to help your son out but you feel like you are the loser here. Well just keep in mind that you are doing this for him, that may help you get through this little set back. Also don't allow this to bring you down because depression can be difficult.
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                              Still Obsessed

                              If obsession is the right word, then I'm still obsessed.

                              I think we all have that bit of obsession in the beginning. And it's not just with nudism. When I learned how to bowl, I joined several teams. Hey! It's good excercise and a great way to socialize with friends and neighbors.
                              Other people obsess about their Diet, Excersize, Job, Fishing, Hunting, ... the list could get long.

                              Things have "cooled down" over the years. Do I still look forward to my nude time? Do I still arrange my day to give me maximum time to stay nude. Sure thing.
                              But I know there are few things I can do on a daily basis that can include nudism.
                              And when it's time to get dressed, I get dressed and go do what needs to be done.

                              Right now, I'm going to make some French Toast for Breakfast. Nude.
                              Then I'm going to shovel snow. Heavily Dressed.
                              Gotta keep thing in perspective.