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Steam room naked or not?

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  • Steam room naked or not?

    Hello, My name is Joel I am 41 yrs old and have been a nudist for 20 yrs. I recently Joined the ymca it has a steam room in the mens locker room. I enjoy sitting on my towel buck naked and sweating then shower and repeat. I see people come in with towels on and shorts. I think it is ok to be nude in the steam room then walk nude to the showers and back to the steam room. Does anyone else do nude in the steam room. Man wanting some feedback. Thank you.

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    If the steam room is in the men's locker room, then the dress code should be the same as the rest of the locker room. There are toilets and showers that require exposing parts of yourself that are usually covered. When changing or drying off, it is appropriate to be naked.

    Nude is not only appropriate for a steam room, but better, when sweat forms in creases such as around your crotch, it will help avoid itching if the sweat can air out.

    The question you are asking shows how confused the times are. When someone looks your way say, hello and introduce yourself. Strike up conversations about the Patriots, etc. Show that you are comfortable and don't bring up your nudity.

    If others bring up the subject of your nudity. Say it is perfectly normal for a male to be nude in a men's locker room. Say you never thought of doing anything else.


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      Dear shaws, I used to go to health clubs where they had steam rooms, saunas, and hot tubs right in the locker rooms and I've always enjoyed them way nature intended it. As long as it's in the locker room then i have to agree with walter05 that the dress code should be the same as the rest of the locker room. There's no better way to enjoy things than au naturel. So I say go for it dude!


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        I go in the steamroom nude at the gym every day. Sometimes there are a couple of others nude, sometimes a couple of others clothed. If you don't make a big deal about it, nobody else does either. Several times people that were in the steamroom have left, rinsed in the shower, and come back in nude. I have to admit it was a little uncomfortable the first couple of times that I was the only one nude when there were four or five others in there, but now it's no big deal.


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          Nude in the Motel Steam room a No!

          I was working out of town in Jacksonville and the motel had a steam room and workout room, to go along with the pool,all indoors. I was on the way down to the steam room one evening after work and ran across the Motel Manager in the hall.I figured I should ask, though I had hoped to be able to be nude in the steam room, then throw on the suit for a dip in the pool and return to the steam room again, a time or two. Her answer was definitely not, We can't allow that here. It might offend someone. I replied that would be O.K., but it offends me not to be able to be nude in a place intended to be so.She in return replied that she'd love to be nude in there too, but just couldn't allow it. I took her warning but enjoyed the steam room, nearly as much, and enjoyed that I had met someone, who too would had rather had the social freedom to be nude in the steam room, if desired to do so.


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            There's a sauna which was a former steam room in the gym I go to, I never wear clothes in there. Many others do the same.

            I can see where it might be more restrictive in "public" venues like a hotel. But if its in the men's locker room, I don't ask, better to seek forgiveness than permission.



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              I too use the steam room nude but not everyone does. I figure as long as I'm in the men's locker room then there should be no issue with me doing so.


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                Hey Shaws,

                I use the sauna nude at my gym and am sure that it is aok for you to do so at yours.


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                  I've always been nude in the sauna. Makes sense since you are going to sweat anyway. Most others in there were nude, but there were some who wore shorts. It was their decision, but they never expressed any opposition to the 'nudes'.


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                    I think it's safe if it is in the men's locker room . Alway's good to ask.


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                      In my travels I have run into a couple twists to this question.

                      1. A small motel that I stayed at had a pool and spa that were co-ed, textiles required. They also had a co-ed sauna which was just inside the men's shower room. Neither sexes shower room had a door, so if someone wanted to take a peek, all they would need to was to poke their head in. However, for women to use the co-ed sauna, they needed to walk into the men's shower room which would give them full view of the showers and changing areas. Covering towels were required in the sauna.

                      2. A non-sexual massage/sauna/steam room place that I used to go to had an area that was designated as clothing optional, it was their disrobing area, steam room and shower area. They have one women only day per week, otherwise it's co-ed. I have been pleasantly surprised at the number of ladies that have total acceptance of this, both with their own nudity and mine and that of other men. It really gives a nudist hope for the textiles out there! It was in a kind of hippie college town, so maybe it's one of a kind, at least in the USA.

                      3. I have also experienced a couple of unexpected episodes of body/nudity acceptance while having a massage at other places as well. One lady was massaging my back, buttocks and legs when she got a phone call from her husband. I let her know it was okay to take the call. She left me nude while talking to her husband about dinner plans. Another time with the same lady, I got a very painful leg cramp. I jumped off the table to flex my foot which is the only way I knew to stop the pain. She came over and massaged my leg, then had me lift my leg onto the table. I was frontally exposed the entire time, which in that state is against the law during a massage. Afte a few minutes my leg cramp subsided and we resumed the massage. She dutifully covered my front side after I got situated on the table.


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                        It certainly should be the most normal thing in the world if it's in the middle of a men's locker room, for goodness sake!! What kind of times are we living in? But there are people who just don't like it. I was in a sauna in a men's locker room in a hotel in Toronto with a friend, and he being German and me nudist, nude was the only way to go! About three late teens guys came in in swimsuits and the silence was something else and they stood with their backs to us and then let out a snort and ran out!! I suppose it didn't help any that there were different levels and we were seated higher up which would have sort of put us at "eye level" if ya know what I mean..... LOL!!!


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                          I am part of a YMCA here in Chicago. There is a men's 'activity center' with showers, a steam room, sauna, and hot tub. Everyone is nude all of the time and it is actually strange if someone keeps their shorts on. I love the freedom of walking around nude and socializing with other men int he buff. It is a great way to end a workout.


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                            I live in Atlantic Canada and used to belong to the YMCA. They had a sauna and just about everyone used naturally. Unfortunately it was torn down and the new one does not have a sauna. I have joined another gym with a sauna and it looks like a grade 8 gym class. Most of the men using the sauna go into it with their underwear on. What a joke! Me, I continue to sit nude on top of my towel. If they don't like it too bad. Just hard to believe grown men acting like little boys. Truth be know I even think my grade 8 gym class was less self conscious about a few body parts uncovered.


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                              My health club has sauna, steam room, hot tube, and showers inside the men's locker room area. Since it is men only in the area, I always use all while nude. Seems normal to me.

                              Most of the others using the steam and hot tub are not nude. Once in a while, especially teens, will snicker or make comments. I ask them why are they looking at me, and would it be O.K. if I ran them through the sex offender database. They always hurry away. Spooks them enough to leave me alone.

                              That brings up a good point... If it's not O.K. to be nude in a men's locker/shower room, then where IS it O.K. to be nude? I actually see kids wearing underwear or swimsuits in the SHOWERS these days! Insane!! Maybe it was my nudist upbringing... But when I see that, it gives me the creeps something terrible.