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Skin Dryness and Gluten?

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  • Skin Dryness and Gluten?

    I recently stopped eating anything containing wheat gluten in an attempt to clear up intestinal issues that have plagued me all my life. After having every test they could think of, including MRI's, cat scans, ultrasounds, x-rays, every 'oscopy' known to man....and nothing found, including tests for Celiac, I was at a loss. I decided to try gluten free, so I tracked down every source of gluten, including beer, and eliminated it. Some of the gut issues cleared up, but amazingly, so did my skin! I have always had bouts with rediculously dry, cracked skin. As a nudist, that is a problem. When I eliminated gluten, my skin cleared up and I rarely need to use lotion anymore. Who would have thought gluten could cause skin problems? I have also discovered that there are several very good gluten free beers out there!