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The future of nudism

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  • The future of nudism

    I have a topic that has been on my mind for quite some time now and I wanted to see how many of you feel the same as I do. I heard something on a talk radio show a while back that I listen do almost daily. They were discussing the subject of nudists and the future of it. The point that they made that really got my attention was this; regarding people who go to nudist resorts and beaches, it always seems to be the same people over the years. Furthermore, they also noted that today's young people in general are not interested in practicing nudism either at a nudist resort or beach. This, in their opinion, is due to the number of possible perverts with today's camera technology that may snap pictures of them and possibly post them onto the Internet for everyone to see. As we as nudists all know, many of us do not want our lifestyle made public for various reasons. So, the general discussion ended with that the future of nudism may be in a bit of trouble if the younger generation chooses not to carry on the traditions or promote the lifestyle. With those point being made, I tend to feel that way about our lifestyle when you really think about it. It's all about the younger generations passing it down to the next ones. So, how does it everyone feel about this?

    Ken Palmer

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    I think we have all thought about the future of nudism at one time or another. I feel that at least here in the states, the overall appeal is limited and potential for the future of nudism is also limited. Thats not to say that there are some who are nude at home... or that nudist resorts are not crowded on theme weekends... or its hard to find a good spot near the water's edge on nudist beaches. on bright sunny days!

    Unlike many activities, many (maybe most) nudists do not openly share their love for nudism with the world, fearing whatever negativity may come of it. There are still significantly negative perceptions of what nudism is all about. We have all heard terms like exhibitionists, perverts and sex to mention a few. Hard to counter those arguments unless people actually take the time to investigate themselves. Not everyone is a beach or resort person! There aren't enough activities at our nudist resort for some and socializing by the pool all day long is not an option! In the minds of some, nudism carries with it other well publicized objections and negativity. We have all heard these many times. They include religious, legal, financial, morality and body acceptance and undoubtedly more....
    Its not an easy sell!

    I also suspect that many nudists may be tired of always having to defend their lifestyle.. being told it is wrong or bad or sinful or ???. Same with the non-believers. Many might say stop selling! True as it is, this does nothing to ensure that the future of nudism is bright.

    As far as young people are concerned.. nudism may simply not be on their radar these days. There are too many other things that compete with their free time,, not to mention the expense. Plus, social media bullying can be terrifying to young people if unwanted or unflattering posts and pictures are circulated. This is certainly a deterrent!

    I also think the overall state of our society is changing. So much hate and negativism these days. Too many people in government LYING! Many people are confused and unsure of the future. This is having an affect on not just our psyche our our lifestyle. Some nay not be quite as outgoing and carefree to explore new options, including nude recreation. The counter culture mentality may be stifled with some until things level out.

    Another seemingly obvious issue to the future of nudism is the (lack of) marketing! Many resorts obviously promote on nudist sites, nudist association newsletters and magazines. VERY few, I suspect, promote the general public! I have lived in the Orlando area for 24 years. I have spoken to at least a dozen of my "more liberal" artist friends over the years about the local nudist resort. Not one person even knew it existed, and I believe its been here since the 1960s!

    Would we love all objections, fears and concerns to be non-issues... YES! Would we love to say the future of nudism is bright and secure... YES! is this a reality? Time will tell!


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      There is some hope, think of all the excitement the WNBR brings every summer. as well, the backyard skinnydippers .
      I think the younger generation can not justify spending $35 for an entrance fee at a local club for the afternnoon..It's always about the money.