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nch chat down?

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    Re: nch chat down?

    Same problem here. Maybe they do want us to register at the Nudist Clubhouse but that requires a photo and I personally like having some anonymity on the Internet.


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      I'm on firefox on a mac and no luck seeing the chat. did it never come back on CFF. I haven't been around this page for some time now. because of the lack to chat other real nudists.


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        NCH periodically has Chat Room issues and it's down sometimes. I always find it strange that someone starts a thread about the Chat being down, I send an Urgent message to Admin and I get a reply ... "it seems to be working fine." We all try and it and "amazing" ... it's up and working again. Now we just send Admin an Urgent message and wait a while and they do what they do to get it working again.

        On that note, NCH chat is up and running at the moment. There is no link here to NCH chat, like there was prior to the site crash.


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          thats the issue. no link. since there is no link folks from cff can't join the chat. if ur in NCH to join the chat u have to be certified. which sucks.


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            I think you mean "verified" but I don't think that's what's needed to join in NCH Chat. You must join and you must pay the "Premium" fees but being "verified" has nothing to do with getting into Chat on NCH. That may have been one of the things that was going to be discontinued anyway. Those that were members here, were getting into the Chat Room on NCH and weren't members there. NCH was losing money allowing that to happen. NCH and CFF are different sites, owned by different people, even though the owner of NCH is a Nude Caster for Nudes in the News.

            If it's important to you to chat, why don't you just join NCH. With the annual membership fee, $49, it's only about $4.09 a month!