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    Just checking, is everything up and running again? Also how do i see recent activity on the forum?


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    Jayne, I do believe the site is still under "reconstruction." The forums are up and running but not 100% yet. There is not much activity but I think as the word gets out that the forums are back up, more members will return. Should be a "Latest Activity" button at the top of the forum page. You can click that to see the latest topics posted in.



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      OK, thanks for that.


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        Jayne "CFI News & Help" is the forum for questions or help on the website issues, problems, or the status of the new vBulletin Version 5 connect forums software.

        Here is the link:


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          Originally posted by jayne View Post
          Also how do i see recent activity on the forum?
          Jayne, try "Latest Activity" (top left) or...
          On the right side of the screen, "Latest Topics" > "View All." This seems to have replaced "View Today's Posts" from the old board.

          There hasn't been much activity, which makes it deceiving.....


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            I'm still struggling a little with finding latest activity. It's probably just me being silly. I can find latest topics, but that shows things in the order the topics were started, so a really old topic with a brand new post doesn't show up. Latest activity shows the same results. I have just posted a reply to "17 Most popular topless beaches...", which for some reason is still about 15th in the recent activity list?! Am I doing something wrong, or is there a better way to see current posts? Thanks