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100 Naked Places - Part Three: France!

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  • 100 Naked Places - Part Three: France!

    100 places to get naked before you die PART THREE: FRANCE France is special! To us, France is synonymous with family naturism.  It all began back in the early 90s when we were 20-something, had three small children, and had decided that we'd like them to grow up feeling comfortable in their own skin.  (A…

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    Not wishing to throw cold water on your helpful reviews and tips, allow me to mention that no part of France is anywhere near the South Atlantic, despite several indications to the contrary. That is a different hemisphere!


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      Ha ha... thanks for that.

      I suppose that's true in geographical terms. And in fact, (as you are likely well aware) the French simply refer to that region as the Côte d'Argent (Sliver Coast), but alas, it in the South of France, and it's on the Atlantic, as opposed the the Mediterranean which most people think of when think of beaches in France.

      Don't know if I have the tenacity to go back and sleuth out every hemispherical misnomer, so I'll just put a disclaimer here, clarifying that I am referring to the Atlantic coast in the in South of France.

      Merci bien!
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        Pas de probleme! Enjoy the rest of your travels this year - I will look forward to the blogs.