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Our naturist odyssey through Provence

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  • Our naturist odyssey through Provence

    Just added another installment from our naturist odyssey across Europe.
    So, it was a year ago to the day that we set off on our “naturist odyssey” across Europe; a three month expedition that would begin on the small island of Ile du Levant, circle around to the south of Barcelona for a stay at El Templo del Sol, and following an extended stay at…

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    I enjoy reading your writings, Daniel ... it's actually good to read about REAL naturist experiences in here. We don't see that often.


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      Glad to see another episode from your odyssey. Reminds me of numerous visits to Provence dating back to the 60s, when I discovered Ile du Levant which, to be honest, I found slightly tacky, and a coast zone on the mainland (name forgotten) which I and a very few others found could be used for "camping sauvage" (wild camping) as the French put it and you never needed to put clothes on. Only good for short stays though as there were no facilities - no bar, no store, no showers, no toilets (and no fees of course). But I was a lot younger then and went there several years.

      I never visited any of the Provencal naturist resorts (camped on occasion at one or two of the Atlantic coast ones though). Much later I loved the Ardeche and Ceze rivers, and also the Gard, and recall spending wonderful days kayaking down them totally nude with my wife and 2 kids, stopping off at La Sabliere or somewhere around there for a picnic lunch.


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        Thanks atalanta... It's a remarkable region, clothed or not! "Camping sauvage" is still very much a thing here, as is randonnée nu (nude hiking) on the Calanques near the sea, though we never quite got that done. Still on the bucket list.