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Naturism in Croatia

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  • Naturism in Croatia

    Latest installment in my naturist travel blog
    Should you be foolish enough to pick an argument with an acquaintance at a cocktail party about the birth time and place of European naturism, you’re likely to find three viable contenders in the final round for this illustrious title; Germany, France, and… CROATIA! The last of which, by the way, owes much of its…

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    Yep, been there, done that - various times going back 40 years or more, when the food and facilities left considerably more to be desired than you describe. But the Adriatic and the many relaxed opportunities to go nude were just as nice. Sorry Daniel, maybe I will always be ahead of you - could be something to do with age!


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      A good post coming up on naturist South Africa. Have you done that one yet? A REAL trip!


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        Nope, you've got me there. I'm no good on the southern hemisphere outside the Americas which I know, to varying degrees but overall pretty well, from northern California to Tierra del Fuego and most places in between. Never been to Asia either except for one visit to Turkey that included a bit of nude time.