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    Is here someone from Copenhagen? I am going to stay in Copenhagen for some days in mid September and would like to now what kind of opportunities where are to enjoy nudity.

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    Do a search on beaches in Denmark. We've been to Copenhagen and stayed 3 days, 2 nights. It was our plan to visit a couple of the many clothing optional beaches during that time but it was cool, cloudy and raining. We visited during their summer but our visits to both Sweden and Denmark, the weather was not what was typical for either country during our stay. There are only 3 beaches in all of Denmark that are clothing required. All other beaches, topless or nude is acceptable but you must use common sense and be respectful to others around you ... meaning, if you are on a beach that allows nudity, don't plant yourself next to a family that is enjoying the beach in swim suits. Walk a short distance away and find a spot where there are others nude or space between you and the clothed group and then take off all your clothes. That is what I got out of the explanations of the travel sites I researched before our trip. Since we were only there a few days, we did not take time to visit any of the clubs or resorts. We planned visits to other parts of Copenhagen where we needed to be clothed. Good luck.

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