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  • croatia this summer

    i know that there's virtually no action on this forum, but i'll see if anyone here can help....

    my wife and i are going to be in croatia for 8 days this summer. we'll be arriving in dubrovnik and leaving from split. we have time for maybe one island trip in between. needless to say we are looking to spend some time nude near the water.

    we've already penciled in nugal beach near makarska (pic below). any other places that you folks like?

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    Sounds awesome, but no experience there. But we are heading to Payable Bay resort in Roataan for a day visit in a couple of weeks while on a cruise. Croatia is on my bucket list though so I am anxious for a report on your visit.


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      I haven't been for a long time but there's masses of opportunities in Croatia. Mostly rock or stony beaches but lovely clear Adriatic water. Very close to Dubrovnik town you have the island of Lokrum. Not very big and rather popular being so close to town but it's ok. I like the island of Hvar, which is reasonably large and has places to stay. Hope you have a great time.



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