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Denver area in the winter?

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  • Denver area in the winter?

    I will be in the Denver area for a few weeks and hopefully will have atleast a day off.

    Are there any opportunities for some clothes free relaxation this time of year?

    A quick search brings up Orvis hot springs and the Well at Brush Creek.

    Does anyone know if these are open in the winter? Has anyone ever been to either of these places?

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    Re: Denver

    Several places are still open.

    About an hour away from Denver metro are Dakota Hot Springs
    and Desert Reef Hot Springs.
    We've been to Dakota and enjoyed it a lot. Big pool and
    very warm year round.

    Valley View hot springs
    is about 3 hours away and has a lot of pools, all outside.

    Orvis is about 4-5 hours from Denver and is very nice, with rooms
    for rent. The indoor pool is NOT clothing optional.

    Mountain Air Ranch is open, but only the hot tub is available;
    the pools is closed until April. Its about 30 minutes from
    Denver metro. The Lodge is open and cheaper in
    the winter. The clubhouse is open but decidedly not
    busy. The restaurant isn't open in winter.
    Hiking can be CHILLY in the winter. You might see
    a dozen folks there on sunny weekends in Feb.