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Infraction System for TOS Violations on CFF

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  • Infraction System for TOS Violations on CFF

    The new ClothesFree Forum software allows Members to report a post if that member feels that there was a violation of our Terms of Service. This could include an inappropriate photo or link, spam, or a member insulting another member. To report a post, click on the icon on the post.

    An email is then sent to all Moderator's and a topic is then created in the Moderator's corner. Moderators can then discuss the issue in private and determine whether or not there was a violation.

    If there was a violation, the member that violated our TOS will get an infraction or warning from one of us and the post may be edited or removed by our staff. This is how the infraction system works...

    Each Violaation has a point value associated with it. This is subject to change, but here is an example of what we have right now:

    Insulted Other Member(s) 1 point
    Inappropriate Language 1 point
    Inappropriate photo, attachment, or avatar 1 point
    Inappropriate link 1 point

    Again, we have the right to change the point system at any time, so these violations may result in more than 1 point if we feel it needs to be adjusted. Right now, your points for the above offenses stay in the system for one year. If you don't break any rules within that year, you will have a clean slate. However, some violations may have no expiration date and will stay on your account forever.

    3 points = 1 week ban
    6 points = 1 month ban
    10 points = Permanent ban

    Spammed Advertisements 10 points
    If a new member registers and their first post contains spam, they get 10 points and get banned from the site immediately.

    Moderators have the right to assign any amount of points for any reason whatsoever. In some cases, a member may just get a warning. We will be making adjustments to this system as time goes on.

    Overall, we are aiming to make this site more enjoyable and pleasant for everyone. So report posts if you see a problem. This doesn't mean you can report a post just because you don't agree with what was said. Report a post only if you see a violation of our TOS. Thank you for making CFF the World's Largest Naturist Community and thank you for keeping the site safe and fun for everyone.
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    Re: Infraction System for TOS Violations on CFF

    Hey Sandman,
    I was just in the chat room. I always look to see their profile to match their picture to their chat. I don't know how the monitoring goes on and I know the chat room may not be monitored 24k, but I just witnessed two guys and a women masterbating on their web cam. I believe that this puts a bad name this website. There are other web sites that these people can do their thing, but not on this one. How can this be corrected? Thanks


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      Re: Infraction System for TOS Violations on CFF

      This has also been discussed here

      The Chat is part of Nudist Club house and is not moderated by CFF.

      When a problem exists you need to contact Nudist Clubhouse