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Please Take Note Of the TOS

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  • Please Take Note Of the TOS

    This is a portion of the TOS, that all members have agreed to abide by. Please take a moment and read this very carefully and deliberately,

    We all will start abiding by this and stop the foul play.

    Threads that become unfriendly, argumentative, repetitive, extremely negative, excessively off topic or gets too many complaints may be removed and the members may be banned. Calling another member a 'liar' is not allowed here. It is argumentative and just makes it a hostile environment. Harassing posts, no matter the content, can be grounds for banning the member for a short while or permanently. All opinions and beliefs are welcome. Stating your beliefs is not directly harassing another person. Re-posting copies of private email responses or private messages in the open forums or other places on the internet is uncongenial, destroys trust and is not allowed. To protect the forums from getting out of control with misinformation, no discussion or challenge to our editing policy are allowed within the forums. If you disagree, or want clarification as to why a particular topic, post or individual was removed, please Contact Us or call toll free 877-261-6184. Moderators, administrators and staff will NOT respond to any inquiries or challenges of these rules or decisions on the public forum. However, we will gladly respond to email or telephone inquiries. These forums are meant for the fun of nude recreation! Posts may be removed without warning and members may be banned without warning if they continue to disregard the rules. These boards are moderated to provide the users with a safe, open, yet civilized, diverse discussion forum covering numerous subjects, beliefs and ideas. Respect others and their opinions.
    YOu can read the TOS in its entirety here

    Thank YOU

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    That works for me

    We have lots of history here to prove that things deteriorate quickly when the TOS is disregarded. On the other hand, when everyone cooperates, this can be a great place.


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      OK....I really hoped not to bring this up again, but evidently there are a few members that need to read the snip of the TOS again.

      I really do not want to ban anyone, there are many good people here, and I would hate to lose anyone.

      All the threads that have a political theme are very heated and volatile, I understand that. Reading these threads is good for us to learn, however it is a painful read when we have to read about opinions of other members and their intelligence or personality.

      From this point on, I will be less tolerant with posts that are directed towards other members. I do not care if the thread gets heated as long is it is about the topic and not the opinions of other members. Be careful that no post, sentence or word can be taken as an insult.

      This board will not tolerate name calling, insults or any comments used to demean other members. UNDERSTAND THIS: Private jokes or suggestive back door comments that insinuate an insult will be handled no differently and the consequences will be the same.

      This board will not tolerate a member posting something that they can't say because of not being allowed. I am not going to play the game of saying what you are not going to say....etc....etc...

      I am done trying to reason, and I am done explaining. I have to believe that all of you are capable of understanding this. This will be the final warning, debate your opinions to your hearts content. However be CIVIL or be GONE.
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