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    Does everyone know there is a daily news broadcast on the internet where all the anchors are naked? There is both a male and female show.

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    Does everyone know there is a daily news broadcast on the internet where all the anchors are naked? There is both a male and female show.


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      yeah, we know about it. It's not true's more of a strip show.
      At you can download "Nudes
      in the News'.. Our anchors are naturists
      talking about naturist news


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        Yes! I watch Naked News every day! It's great! The teasing they do as they undress is fun to watch, and the cast members obviously enjoy "taking it off"! Also, they play around on the show and seem to really enjoy each other! I don't know if any of them are nudists or naturists off the program, but I think the point here is that on the show they obviously enjoy being naked, and have no hang-ups about getting naked and being naked in front of others and I can strongly relate to that! I've been watching Naked News for 2 weeks and haven't seen anything yet that I object to. I think it's extremely cool and I think people should enjoy it for what it is. I'm just glad I'm able to enjoy my own nudity and that of others including when said nudity does not meet the definition of "nudist" or "naturist"! Oh yeah, one more thing. Naked News is shown in streaming video. I watch it on DSL with Windows Media Player and it comes in very clear, not blurred at all. Nudes in the News however is ALWAYS VERY BLURRED and from what I've been able to see at all, their segments are very short (1 minute or less). Naked News segments are 3 to 7 minutes. In my opinion, if you enjoy seeing others nude, Naked News is the better program. I'm still trying with Nudes in the News. I wish I could get clear, focused picture. It's very frustrating! Any suggestions?


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          "The Naked News" is not really naturist at all, and it is obvious by the semi-erections that these guys are nothing more than glorified strippers. (Mind you it is quite fun to watch now & again!)
          Lucas Tyler, although very comfortable with his own body - and rightly so- does not endulge in naturist or nudist activities. As for the others I have no idea!


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            Naked News is more about the stripping from what I've heard. I have only seen a short "Entertainment Tonight" piece on it and am forming my opinion on that, but if they were truly about the nakedness, their anchors would be naked from the get go. Since they are not, and strip as the program continues, I feel it is that aspect that they are highlighting rather than the fact that they eventualy become naked.

            BTW, I don't have DSL and would not even consider trying these streaming videos until I do.

            Bob S.



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