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Channel 4's The Great British Skinny Dip

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  • Channel 4's The Great British Skinny Dip

    This recently aired but am unable to watch it. Tried "other means" to find it just like The Naked Village but to no avail. I've read mixed things from people who saw. Anybody lucky enough to see this?

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    If you are not in the UK, Channel 4 will block you. This is not censorship, this is owning to international distribution rights. Some material on BBC radio is also blocked, and I'm sure our TV networks block programming distribution to non-US internet recipients.


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      Like the Naked Village, I was able to watch it by other means. The documentary had the same issue as Naked Village with members finding ways to attract young people to the lifestyle. In the end, it painted a grave future for nudism in the UK.


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        Admittedly I don't have a way to watch the actual show, but I could understand why Lou's conclusion might be the case. If the age range presented in the trailer is anything to go by, I don't think the generation involved in the show's production is going to be the one to get the younger generation into nudism. If at all, it's most likely going to have to be those currently in their 20's and 30's that push the concept forward and to help transform the movement beyond how it's currently perceived.


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          Channel 4 had "My Daughter the Teenage Nudist" - which potentially could be used - back in 2012, and I've seen it .. it's OK.

          It shows that BN wants to address the "aging nudists" problem.-- I think that the major orgs are approaching it incorrectly ....

          1) Young millennials - many of them - are NOT poor, broke, or struggling. Maybe I'm jaded by a "Boston view" - where many (but not all) prosper. They have $750 cell phones with $100/month plans. They'll spend $150 to go to a Celtics or Red Sox game. They'll spend $100 or more to attend a concert. $15 for a fancy-schmancy cocktail. There are many WITH money. The "too expensive, broke", etc. does not apply to young upwardly mobile urban/suburban professionals.

          2) The major orgs have little savvy on marketing. They don't seem to know WHERE to go to give the nudist message. They do not have representatives visiting college campuses discussing social nudism. Not selling it, but just explaining it - and when the students graduate, and have a few discretionary bucks, they may be tempted to act on what they learned. AANR and its regions, and some parks and clubs do make *limited* appearances at travel, lifestyle, and camping shows. There should be a table or booth at every one of those that takes place in a major metro area. AANR doesn't have the money? Cancel a couple of mid-winter board meetings and use the money to promote nudism. I'll agree - Boston in February is not as much fun as Cypress Cove or DeAnza Springs but, don't they need more nudists?

          I was commenting with a nudist couple - when we attended a Jimmy Buffett show in Massachusetts - there are several other advertisers with tables in the parking lot. Why not AANR? TNS? "Enter here for a free weekend at a nudist resort..."

          3) New Ideas. "Take a Nakation" and the "world's greatest skinny dip" are pretty worn-out by now.

          4) Use a DIRECT approach in publicity - not an indirect one. Take the message to the audience. Don't do a publicity stunt so TV networks can carry (and distort) our message.


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            Maybe they can take a page from Stars Ranch in Mcdade, Tx. That resort does a good job (from what the owners told me) bringing in young people during Spring Break and the conventions. They setup promotions at events in downtown Austin and offer great student discounts. The HCN (Hill Country Nudists) meetings I go to are a nice mix of young and older people.


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              Amen, Mr. Lurk. We've long been in agreement that the major nudist orgs don't have competent marketing. Or they don't see their role as doing marketing for nudism in general. AANR seems focused on internal communications and internal politics rather than outreach.


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                Originally posted by jasenj View Post
                Amen, Mr. Lurk. We've long been in agreement that the major nudist orgs don't have competent marketing. Or they don't see their role as doing marketing for nudism in general. AANR seems focused on internal communications and internal politics rather than outreach.

                To be fair - TNS does the best that it can, with what it has. AANR? Can't figure it out. I look at the AANR-East region page - and do not see anything about the fun or joy or nudism, just mission statements, etc. and a whole lotta board meeting minutes.


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                  News flash, there is not a problem getting the young to do naked activities. They just don't care for the preaching and values that "nudists" hold. The two most active naturist forums I have found are aimed at or limited to 38yo and under. The World Naked Bike ride is still growing after 10 years with mostly young participants. These are to future of nudists, they're just not interested in lounging at a club. They don't like labels, they don't identify as nudists, they don't gather behind walls, and they don't spend time around older people. But, they are everywhere.



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