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had fun day at Wildwood

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  • had fun day at Wildwood

    on Sat the weather turned great with sunny skies and warm (not hot) temperatures. I was able to take advantage of this and spend the afternoon at Wildwood in Decatur, TX. Not many people showed up but I enjoyed visiting with those that were there, throwing horseshoes, walking the trail, and swimming. The water in the pool was cool but felt good as long as I kept swimming. Hope to be there again soon.

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    Love wildwood. It's our favorite club to visit. We aren't members, but we get there 2-3 times a year. Hope to run into you one day.


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      they are having a water volleyball fun day on june 10. I hope to make it then


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        another great day for weather here in north Texas led to a fun day at Wildwood on Aug 26. There were enough people there we had some great water volleyball and discussions in the hot tub.



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