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    yes there was a lot more activity on this board a few years ago. I also miss the broadcasts and news


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      Hello? Hello? Anyone here?


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        I log in here every day, or every couple days. It's dead.

        It's sad. This was, at one time, the most lively board. At one time, CFI would have been the ideal group to take the message to social media and the Internet.

        The owners/managers of this board could send an invite to former posters here. They have to have a master e-mail list somewhere. Invite people back to post. Post a topic.

        It can be "what I did on vacation". It can be "we had a holiday party". It can even be "I have to get back into the scene."

        Some of the more erudite posters here - I doubt they'd come back.

        Ain't gonna happen, though.


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          After the crash ... only a few of us returned when the site went back up. I was the only Moderator that remained ... not that this site needs any moderating with the numbers we have. But before the crash, the site became far too political and those threads took over the entire site. There was little to zero nudism discussion. A little discussion on various topics is good but for a topic to take over an entire board, it was not good and we lost lots of great contributors because the then Chief Moderator, someone that was once a friend, like the negative and hostile banter.

          ​Once the site was back up and in it's current condition, I made contact with the owner and he responded with a really nice email, thanking me for hanging in and helping out. When I explained that much of the Moderator abilities I'd had, were now gone, he assured me he'd fix that... never happened. Case in point; we had two females conversing in the Ladies Only room and some guys got in there and posted and now ... those two ladies are gone. I couldn't boot the guys out and delete their posts, that upset the ladies ... they are now gone. One of them is on another site I'm on and we're friends there. She's stated she'll not return here.

          ​I think many of us hope for a resurgence and resurrection of CFI/CFF but I agree with "lurk" ... Ain't gonna happen.


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            I just realized it has been a while since I was here last. not much going on, as Fireprof mentioned the cold weather in North America restricts a lot of activity. Anyway, hope everyone is having a good start to the New Year.