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    Is anyone else going this year? This will be my first year at the celebration. Any advice from prior burners?

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    Is anyone else going this year? This will be my first year at the celebration. Any advice from prior burners?


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      No advice but definately give us a full report! It sounds fascinating.


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        Burning Man is a very unique experience. It gets very hot out there so be sure to bring lots of fluids and enjoy.......


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          Atlanta Runner

          I just sent in many new Burning man Images from the last 2004 event.

          Photos of Freedom

          15 were posted 6-4-2004 in "New Photo's"

          13 are existing in "Burning Man Nevada"




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            Thanks for the nice photos NakedGary. They are appreciated!


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              Originally posted by Atlanta Runner:
              Is anyone else going this year? This will be my first year at the celebration. Any advice from prior burners?

              I saw a documentary on it. Since it is in the desert:
              Bring lots of water.
              Bring sunscreen.
              The heat is supposed to be fierce.


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                I have viewed the Burning Man web site and it looks like everyone was having a good time. Check out the site. It will explain exactly what you should bring with you.

                I understand it can get awfully hot, but again, I understand it is a very windy climate as well. Just check out their site. It pretty much sums everything up for you. Have a great time and please let us know how things turned out.


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                  Hi All-

                  New to your site, thought I'd register and get to know ya. I'm in San Jose, more of a red county than a blue, but close, it sucks. Anyway, I have a tattoo of the BM logo on my leg to remind me of the few times I've been to the desert. I'll get you guys a pic!

                  Anyway, as much as you need to heed the warnings about the heat, remember it is the high desert and can get COLD! Mucho frio. Bring stuff incase you need to be dressed to survive, one year I think it never got passed 70. Be sure to look for the hot spring they don't want you to go to. It's by all of the trees to the east as you look accross "The Playa". The key thing to think about is a shelter than can withstand (I am not kidding) 60 MPH+ winds. Along with that wind comes a sand blasting you will not soon forget. I remember vividly watching a DVD on a throw away laptop with a buddy who I couldn't even see who was sitting next to me about 2 feet away. We both had our goggles on (get some, like a WW2 tank driver would wear. Any specific questions? For your trash, an old onion sack is what you want (no plastic hefty bags, the stuff rots and stinks instead of drying out). Oh yeah, back to the shelter. Our's were sweet. Picture a dome made from about 10 arches of PVC pipe anchored at the ground by 3 foot rebar stakes (remember, 60 MPH winds) and covered in that heavy netting you see over the gardening section at the hardware store. You need a comfortable kick back spot out of whatever element might be thrown your way (hail, rain, big dust devils, etc). I remember always wishing I had brought more beer. They sell ice, but that is the ONLY thing you can buy. Town is about 10 miles away but they discourage in and outing.

                  I'll post about my day trip to the local lake in a new thread, I got burned!



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                    Thanks, Rob. Burning Man has always looked absolutely fascinating! I have never been able to go though. Your report makes it sound even more fun and a growth experience.
                    Florida Cracker


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                      A few more thoughts have come to my head so I'll put them out here. If you like trains the SP runs by every few hours. Out on the Playa you can see for miles and miles. You can see the train coming and ride your bike (very highly reccomended to bring transportation that "generally" doesn't neeed fuel. There are mopeds and the like but bicycles are the ticket by far (mountain bikes that are disposable). Don't bring a new car or a new bike, or new anything for that matter that you don't mind being sandblasted (it's not really sand, but very fine grit that gets in everything.) So that new derailer will be shot. So, you ride your bike naked pedaling furiously to get to the track where you feel the earth shake as the train rumbles by. The Playa transmits the energy to your feet much better than normal soil (it is almost clay). I have pretty much been a closet nudist but on the playa noone knows you or cares that your nekkid. So I enjoyed it, though I was with a friend who would ride off for hours. One time I was just sitting by the tracks in my collapsable chair under my umbrella swilling a brew waiting for the train and out of nowhere (the whole place is nowhere) rides a girl on a bike, also buvk naked except for shoes a hat and sunglasses. I happen to have a squirt bottle (also a VERY good call, one of the quart or so size ones from the garden supply store) and she appreciated the cool spray on that hot day. I think it was my first meeting of someone I didn't know when I was naked and so was the other person. Very enlightening. The engineer on the train always slows down for a look (sometimes the mile square "Burning Man" layout is farther from the track). The Playa is about 200 square miles or more, don't wander off. The Air Force routinely flies C-130's and FA-18's by, sometimes in squadrons, which I always enjoyed. Back to that spray bottle. A 2 gallon garden sprayer might come in handy to cool off, or take a shower with. Misters that run from that sprayer you jimmy rigged would make your camp a nice place to be. If I think of more I'll post again.



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                        Thanks for all the information. The 2 things I have heard from everyone are 1) It is hot during the day; It is freezing cold at night and 2) Be ready to have sand permeate everything including all your stuff and your entire body. I am looking for a good set of goggles but may just take my swimming goggles for back up.

                        Let the preparations begin. I can't wait!


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                          I've never been, but am trying to get a group together for this year.

                          It sounds like a blast.


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                            I'm hoping to make it to Burning Man this year. It'll be my first time.


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                              I understand it can get awfully hot, but again, I understand it is a very windy climate as well.

                              that depends. when the wind comes it tosses up clouds of dust and visibility diminishes almost to nothing.

                              this year I plan on going again to Burning Man for the first time since 1998 and thought that I would stop by and see if anyone else from here planned to go.

                              permit me to ramble...

                              when I first learned of Burning Man (and did not go) no one outside of underground scenes knew about it. even knowing about it gave you some degree of credibility. I got warned by at least one fairly underground person to not show up to this strange desert event called Burning Man because it sounded like it had something to do with Nazis or Satan worship.

                              around about 1993 or 1994 the outsider started to catch on, definitely by 1994. ironic, because I did not manage to go to my first one until 1994.

                              since the late 1990's attendence has tripled and I heard today that in two years the numbers of Burners doubled. I almost want to put off (most) people from going to Burning Man because the numbers have gotten insane.

                              Burning Man has turned into a brand name and an institution, with all the good aspects and the bad aspects that implies.

                              (reminds me of the "do firecrackers scare you?" thread. in my case, yes they do. and techno keeps me from sleeping.)