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Hiring Nudists or Nudist friendly employees

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  • Hiring Nudists or Nudist friendly employees

    We are a nudist couple with a business we currently run out of our home. We plan on expanding soon and will need to hire one or more employees and we may continue out of the house or we may move to a commercial location. Our business does not require us to interact with the public so we can be nude most of the time we are working whether we are at home or a commercial location and so we are nude 99% of the time.

    Therefore we would love to hire nudists or nudist friendly employees but are not sure about the legal ramifications of doing so. We are located in Colorado.

    Does anyone know the law when it comes to hiring new employees regarding whether or not we can even ask if they are nudist or nudist friendly. We are thinking that if we clearly state that this business is owned by a nudist couple and that we run our business nude that we can ask if they are nudist or nudist friendly. Sort of like a nudist resort where nudist is to be expected if you work there.

    Anyone have any advice on this subject?

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    Re: Hiring Nudists or Nudist friendly employees

    It may work if you discuss the nudity as part of a dress code. "We are very lax when it comes to dress codes when not dealing with the public and you may even find us naked sometimes" may work. That way, the applicant can decide whether they want to work there. I am not sure whether it would be acceptable to make nudity acceptance a requirement of the job when it is not important to the job.

    Bob S.


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      Re: Hiring Nudists or Nudist friendly employees

      When interviewing potential employees, I would make it very clear that they would be working around nudists. Sure, the qualifications may be outstanding, but I would make absolutely sure they are comfortable working around nudists before hiring. I don't think I would make it mandatory that they are nude, but at least they would know they will be encountering nudists during working hours.


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        Re: Hiring Nudists or Nudist friendly employees


        Is your business one that requires specific experience in a particular area? If so...then the advice given is what you'll get from most of those that continue to post. If you are looking for general, non-specific experience workers...why not advertise in the naturist periodicals and state your location and fly the positions you have available there?

        I'm sure there are nudists out in Colorado that are looking for work, or a second job that might be willing to commute and ... there are no worries about whether they are accepting of the employers "dress code!"


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          Re: Hiring Nudists or Nudist friendly employees

          I think that as long as you inform the applicant in the interview that you run a nude business, and that you and you and your mate usually work nude, and that if they were hired they would have the option of working nude or clothed then you would be ok. That way you are not disqualifing anyone from the job pool, you are giving them the option to participate. You just don't want to be perceived as being discriminatory towards people who do not participate in nudity becasue someone could raise a stink about that if they felt so inclined to do so, especially if you did not hire them for what ever reason


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            Re: Hiring Nudists or Nudist friendly employees

            Hiring from the general public gives me some concerns. You never know who walks through your door.
            You might be better off networking with your nudist friends for their knowledge of available applicants.
            Good luck, no matter what you decide.


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              Re: Hiring Nudists or Nudist friendly employees

              Do NOT hire from the general public pool. I agree with Fireprof. Advertise in the naturist periodicals and once hired, have them sign a consent form, so there is NO misunderstanding about nudity in the work place. I personally think you would be ok if it was all nudist family or friends working for you, but I think you might be opening a can of worms by hiring strangers. Be careful, or you could be out of business before you know it.


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                Re: Hiring Nudists or Nudist friendly employees

                The group I founded elsewhere online has had some discussion of the issues surrounding this workplace criteria and while I believe there is a way to operate a nudist or clothing-optional workplace, there also seems to be a consensus that "caution" is required.

                Advertising in the nudist publications and on lifestyle specific forums sounds great!

                You may want to approach any pre-employment interview from the standpoint of, A). having unique privileges to the workplace and getting the candidate to sign a Non-disclosure Agreement regarding these conditions BEFORE even discussing them. Sample NDA's are available online and I recently provided one to a person for a different purpose. After signing then proceed to, B). disclosing the scope of the work environment and further screening of the candidates' qualifications and background.

                The only issue I see with this is that we are setting up a "nudist workplace" as being a unique and special type of work environment, which it may in fact be depending on who is doing the defining, but by in large we would rather it be classified as a normal and ordinary workplace.

                The standard sexual harassment rules that govern other workplaces would still apply here, as with all other ordinary and routine workplace rules regarding safety, security and professionalism. In a kitchen we still need to observe cleanliness guides, food handling and storage guides, and cooking temperature guides. However, for nudists it may also be necessary to take extra precautions regarding the containment of hair (i.e. wearing hair nets while cooking) and perhaps even measures to prevent other body hair from ending up in unwanted places.

                Touching an employee on a naked butt while steadying them on a ladder MAY be viewed differently then if "the butt" was fully covered. I dunno, but I can imagine a potential issue...

                The ability to hire an employee willing to work in a clothes-free environment is going to depend largely on the personality and character of the candidates, but may also depend on having specific workplace rules clearly POSTED and getting employees to sign-off on them regularly. Get them to sign-off (acknowledge) the rules when they are hired and ALSO re-sign an acknowledgement form regarding them each calendar year (regardless of whether the rules change or not). This way you will have a "track record" of the employee being familiar with the rules not just once, but many times over the course of their employment. The rules might also include that failure to sign-off and accept the rules "at any time" would be grounds for dismissal "without bias or prejudice".

                (this would allow the employee OR the manager to decide when parties will part ways without upset)

                This would allow you to dismiss an employee without warning if, for example, they have a sudden change in mental capacity or attitude that might otherwise be unpredictable. People do change and there may be times when this could be subtle or sudden.

                I think you will also want to check into what types of additional business insurance might be needed to protect the assets of the business "in case" any type of litigation does occur. It is not just discrimination we need to be concerned with, but also coercion and duress; the employee claiming they felt "compelled" to dress a certain way in order to be accepted, given favorable performance evaluations, cost of living raises or "merit" raises. A nude employee would need to have their work performance routinely evaluated solely on the basis of the work they do and not with regards to their dress code compliance (for example). Were they effective at doing the job for which they were originally hired REGARDLESS of the dress code, temperature, interaction with co-workers and any other factors you might imagine. And you will need to document the quality of their work very clearly; so as to avoid the appearance that an employee who was nude 90% of the time did not get promoted over one only willing to go nude 30% of the time.

                Hmmm, might even keep a daily work conditions log with weather descriptions, or ask employees to note their feeling healthy or ill on any timecards they file. An "under the weather" employee may not feel comfortable working nude on days when they also have the chills due to a mild cold.

                Finally, employees would need to be prepared for safety issues and ready to evacuate the building by various means (i.e. front, back or side of the building) and this may mean keeping blankets, smocks or lab coats near the exits just in case they are separated from their clothing by smoke, fire or other obstacles.

                For more information and to participate in various databases, please visit "Nudist Employment" online at:

                I take this subject seriously because I also would enjoy the privilege of working in a "no collar" environment.
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                  Re: Hiring Nudists or Nudist friendly employees

                  You might try having a "clothing optional" sign on the wall when they come in for the interview and conduct
                  the interview nude. Kinda opens the door to a discussion of work place conditions right up front.
                  Ok maybe that's a bit abrupt but the issue is probably best addressed sooner rather than later in the

                  I "inherited" office staff when I became owner of an established practice. Although I never directly promoted
                  nudity in the office, from time to time (during non-business hours) an employee would occasionally find me
                  nude if they came in early or on a weekend. Never a problem. Although, one secretary I had was ok with
                  my nudity when it was just the two of us in the office but if another employee came in she thought I should
                  cover up. Never quite figured that out. I did bring up the subject of nudity during one interview with
                  a prospective secretary when she mentioned a nude sketch laying on a side table looked like me. It had
                  been dropped off earlier by an artist (I used to model). Say, maybe you could leave a couple of nudist
                  magazines on a table in your lobby for them to read before the interview. If they don't get up and run
                  out......could be a hopeful sign.



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                    Re: Hiring Nudists or Nudist friendly employees

                    As a former employer I would:

                    1- CONSULT with a laywer that is a specialist in Empolyment law in your state.

                    2- Think long and hard if you are ready for the problems that can occur.

                    Good luck


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                      Re: Hiring Nudists or Nudist friendly employees

                      I would echo what many of the others are saying. Make it clear in the interviewing process that the workplace is clothing optional - that while no one will be required to be nude, anyone accepting the position can expect to see non-sexual nudity in the workplace. This is also your opportunity to make it clear that any workplace nudity is non-sexual and that any prurient actions or interests will not be tolerated in the workplace.

                      There are many workplaces where employees are exposed to nudity - medical offices, physical therapy centers, spas, fine arts studios and schools, etc.

                      Getting word out in the naturist community is a great idea. But that may not result in a sufficient pool of interested workers (although these days, who knows?). If you put up a job listing outside of the naturist community I would NOT mention nudity or C/O in the ad - that would likely bring in a lot of inquiries you won't be interested in, as well as unwanted attention from busybodies. You should include in the ad a statement that serious applicants should contact you for additional information, or possibly reply to applications with a letter or email with more information about the position - including a statement about the c/o workplace - along with a contact information for further consideration of their application. The idea being to inform them and give them the opportunity to weed themselves out before either party wastes their time.

                      Running it all passed a lawyer is not a bad idea if that is appropriate to your circumstances. You might inquire at a local nudist club about attorneys who are familiar with naturist issues in employment law.
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                        Re: Hiring Nudists or Nudist friendly employees

                        Some of the posts here a much more informative and helpful than my opinion. But I would agree with SouthernJR (amongst others). It's better to consult with an employment lawyer in Colorado than to just take advice from relative strangers. Conducting the interview nude, I imagine, might be a no-no in many states. During the interview, I would use terms such as "do you mind working in an environment where you might encounter nudity?" rather than "would you be comfortable working around nude people?" My understanding is also that you cannot ask a candidate if they would or wouldn't perform some of their duties nude.

                        Many here have mentionned advertising in nudist publications - and I agree with that. Having someone who is familiar with nudist "protocols" would be easier to interview and adapt if hired. Only if that has proven unsuccessful would I start looking into more mainstream advertising. And I would proceed cautiously, again seeking the advice of a legal professional.


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                          Re: Hiring Nudists or Nudist friendly employees

                          we are both retired and both nudist's , we live in colorado so hire us


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                            Re: Hiring Nudists or Nudist friendly employees

                            I'd strengthen some of the comments to suggest that it's ESSENTIAL that if you plan to continue to work nude in the office that you hire an established nudist, preferably with a history such as membership in an nudist organization or club. If the time comes that you want to fire the employee or have some sort of other problems, the person might decide to file a sexual harassment action against you based on being a clothes-free office. Regardless of what ACTUALLY happens in the office, the disgruntled employee can CLAIM to have been sexually harassed and is likely to get a sympathetic hearing from law enforcement and the public (i.e. jury) who for the most part still see "non-sexual nudity" as a contradiction of terms. A provable track record of nudist lifestyle prior to employment with you would go a long way to mitigate the credibility of such an accusation.

                            - gn225


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                              Re: Hiring Nudists or Nudist friendly employees

                              Originally posted by barefootguyinco View Post
                              We are a nudist couple with a business we currently run out of our home. We plan on expanding soon and will need to hire one or more employees and we may continue out of the house or we may move to a commercial location.

                              Anyone have any advice on this subject?
                              I think that you should pay more attention to your first couple of sentences. You are running a business. The objective of the business is to provide a valuable service and/or product and be paid for it.

                              The first objective should be to find someone competent.

                              Once you have done so, you can inform them that since the business is run out of your home, dress is informal.

                              You can then inform this person that in fact you are a nudist couple and may often be nude.

                              If the individual is still interested, then I would provide a code of conduct agreement that includes not smoking, if you are interested in that, no drugs, no sex, and clothing optional.

                              At that point you should be okay. However, I would agree with others to check with an attorney to be sure.

                              Either way, please hire competent people who will help you grow your business.

                              Don't try to find naked people who can learn the business. Find good business people who are okay being naked.