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New Hampshire case "Free the Nipple" still pending....

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  • New Hampshire case "Free the Nipple" still pending....

    No ruling as yet from the Februrary 1 appeal ... then again... the case number is 2017-0116.

    When you're dealing with the NHSC. or any high appellate court, for that matter, rulings take time. The Court does not have to rule on a "first in, first out" basis, and when it's an issue like this, cases that they hear are "triaged" -- cases that involve, say, child custody, or resolution of a probate matter, or to determine something in a case concerning huge sums of money - would likely and often do take precedence.

    While this issue is important to some, it's not a high-profile, barn-burner case - it's largely academic.

    THEREFORE - be advised - as the warmer weather approaches --

    - town ordinances such as this one in Laconia are still on the books, and, for the present, are still enforceable. The fact that this case is being mulled over will not be an effective defense.
    - topfree is still legal on state property, AFAIK.

    And although I'm not a lawyer, and I don't purport to play one on the Internet, the local ordinances still stand and I'd obey them, regardless of what you might read elsewhere on the web.
    Your mileage may vary.