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Swimming nude at the Y.

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  • Swimming nude at the Y.

    Iíve read on this forum and others the memories others have about swimming naked at the Y being it swim class or free swim and when I read these stories I feel rather deprived on having missed out. There are a few questions I would like to ask and if everyone would please confine themselves to the questions asked and letís not make any detours unless you consider it relevant.

    1. Would you say youíre the better or worse for the experience or donít believe itís affected you either way?
    2. Do you know if any of the Yís still practice or allow this?
    3. This question is for everyone: Would you let your son participate in swim classes/free swims in the nude? Why or why not?

    Can anyone confirm this or give your thoughts on the following? Iíve read on another site that at least two posters stated that during the nude swim classes the instructor himself would be nude as well. And each person stated that at least once a female secretary approached the instructor while he was naked and would discuss something with him and off she went.

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    Re: Swimming nude at the Y.

    I've heard that the Cincinnati Athletic Club has a (mandatory) nude pool, this is not verified on its web site. It's evidently a very highbrow old established men-only club. Apparently membership requires sponsorship. The web site doesn't say what it costs. That kind of thing.

    I've read and heard that many or most YMCA pools were nude way back when the "M" meant men only. It's been mentioned on this site several times. I think it's safe to say that it doesn't happen anywhere any more, but if anyone knows of one, speak up. Evidently as far back as the 19th century gymnasiums were for men only (women only drank tea and fainted on couches) and both showering and swimming were nude. Guess the YMCAs carried that tradition until the last 40-50 years when mixed-sex gyms became the norm. On the whole having ladies at the Y is better than excluding them, but it doesn't seem that we should need to choose between mixed-sex pools and naked swimming.

    And, I'd say there are few things more absurd and useless than bathing suits. I've only had the opportunity to swim my full workout naked once, but it ruined me for my Speedo forever.

    Hope this isn't too tangential an answer for you.

    - gn225


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      Re: Swimming nude at the Y.

      I swam regularly at the Y when I was in college, as my school didn't have its own pool. I was past 30 before I ever visited a Y that required suits in the pool. It was entirely natural to me, because throughout high school daily nude showers were required after PE. In the winter we swam in the pool twice per week for PE, and boys weren't permitted to wear suits. If our PE teacher was give swim instructionósomething he did sometimesóthen he would be nude also.

      I've always believed that the daily nudity with other boys helped to make me more comfortable in my own skin.

      Y's were forced to go coed due to economic pressures, and of course societal attitudes about boys being nude together have changed drastically. I doubt there's a Y in the US that allows nude swimming today.

      Would I let my son have nude swimming lessons? Of course. Both of my sons are long grown into men, but there was never a time that I would have thought nude swimming to be out of the ordinary.


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        Re: Swimming nude at the Y.

        In 1960-61 I swam at the Boys Club at 1st Avenue and 88th St in Manhhattan, swim trunks were required, the pool was on the ground level with large windows facing out on the street. I suspect most pools were at ground level.I have always thought that people were much more modest in dress and demeanor until the 1960s or so except for dedicated nudists. A major complaint about the military especially in WWII was about the lack of privacy in latrines. You were "supposed" to take a shower after PE in high school, I never did nor did any of my friends. I'm not saying it didn't happen, but one thing I have learned is that
        "The Good Old Days" always took place either before you were born or you were too young to remember them.