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  • Busted in the nude!

    My sister and her 2 kids had left for the 4th of July weekend, and so did I. When I returned 3 days later, to my surprise they were still gone. Since they are not Naturist themselves, the only time I can walk around nude is when they are gone. Another day passed, still they weren't back, I got quite comfortable walking around in the nude, and cooking, and cleaning, and having nude days, another day ad passed and I was going about my nude business, and by this time I had stopped carying a towel around, cause no one had been there for days, suddely from my computer room I hear the back door start to open, and I made a mad dash for my bedroom which wasn't to far, and slamed my bedroom dorr just as the back door, which was in the direct line of sight of my bedroom opened! it was a close call, and I was ALMOST busted in the nude!

    Has anyone else ever been, or almost been busted in the nude by a non-naturist?

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    Funny story. Good to hear ya had a great holiday. As far as I know, I've not been caught or almost caught by a textiler.


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      Wow, L.A., that was a close call. Out of curiosity, does your sister know of your nudity? By the story, I can tell they are not naturists themselves, but do they know of your nudity?

      Here, everyone knows when I am home by myself, I don't wear anything, so they will honk the horn or ring the door bell before they come in. My daughter caught me, but I was in the back yard working. I didn't hear the door bell, so she walked in, went to the back yard and WOW, her naked Dad. She closed the door very fast, more like a slam.

      Cool story L.A. Thanks for sharing.


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        Are you living a secret life of guilt & shame?

        I can understand your apprehension with two children. But your sister needs to know. Whose house/apt is it? If it is yours, you should be open and honest. If it is your sister's, you need to reach an understanding or find a place to live your life honestly.

        My teenage daughter is uncomfortable with my nudity and I respect that. She knows to let me know when she is arriving (either by calling or honking when she pulls into the garage) especially if she is with teenage girlfriends. My son is comfortable with my nudity but he lets me know (either by phoning or honking). My wife is accepting and wishes that she could be nude as openly as I am nude.

        What do you gain by hiding your nudity as a secret? Are you afraid of your sister's reaction? Why do you assume that it will be argumentatively negative?

        Good luck and G-d bless.


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          I guess I am not often in a situation where I am "caught". I won't go nude to the grocery store or to the synagogue, but around my house and yard and around those that know me, I am a nudist. I have had to explain myself, and it not always easy or comfortable, but I am psychologically and emotionally comfortable with the morality of my nudity that I won't hide it from those that are close to me and should know.


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            LA Naked Man; Good story. Isn't it suprising how quickly you became comfortable walking about in your place?
            Here is an old story to me. 10 yrs ago I lived in the country with no neighbors for miles around. I got used to walking to the roadside mailbox to get my Sunday paper in the buff. One morning, I made the mistake of starting to READ the paper while still standing by the road. Halfway through the front page I heard the tiniest sound to my right. I looked up to see a man and woman going by me on bicycles. The man rode past me with a grin and a wave. The woman STOPPED right in front of me. I didn't bother to cover since anything I have she'd already seen. We chatted for about 2 minutes. (long time if you think about it) Finally I said my coffee was probably ready and we parted company. As she rode away, I thought, "Someday that woman is going to tell her grandkids about that."


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              Has anyone else ever been, or almost been busted in the nude by a non-naturist?
              The truth... well, more times than I can count . Oh well, I guess, most get over it, sooner or later


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                Absolutely....been busted or caught in the nude by neighbors and our daughters. Our daughters just laughed at us, our neighbors wait til we have a party with relatives and friends and then make dumb remarks or sarcastic jokes about us but it seems like everyone either doesn't much care or it goes over their heads.


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                  Our son busted me last summer. I was in the altogether in the yard getting some sun when he came home unexpectantly. Asked if I thought this was Club


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                    I've been busted many times -- family, friends, neighbors, strangers -- but mostly because I don't try very hard to prevent it from happening.

                    I find that it's the easiest way of establishing myself as a nudist and being tolerated as such.



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                      one night at the office I thought I was by myself. I had cut my yard and was hot and sweaty and a client called requesting some information. It was maybe 8:00pm I drove to the office. My sweaty T shirt was sticking to myself and my shorts were too. I got the information and called my client. I found more things I wanted to look at and the air at the office goes off at night so I took everything off and was naked at my desk complete with my bare feet on on my desk. I was surprised when someone said hey that's my kind of work uniform. It was my business partner, he commented on that my workout were paying off and stood in the door and we talked maybe 15 minutes. I was nervous about Matt telling the world I was at work naked but to my knowledge he never did.



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                        I was "caught" skinnydipping by a couple up at the river the other day. I was on the other side of the river when they arrived. I just walked calmly to my pants and put them on. The couple was friendly. I didn't mention my nudity, and neither did they. I did say that the engine on their truck was very quiet, and I didn't hear them approaching. Their only reference was that it was a nice swimming place, very secluded. We let it go at that. They took a quick dip, and then drove away looking for some friends they had planned to meet. I disrobed and returned to the water.


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                          I lived in a 2 family and my neighbor was at work. She stopped off one day while I was in the basement doing the laundry, but she didnt not come down stairs. That was then, as now she knows that I am a nudist and I laugh at it. She is of the mindset that a body has to be perfect to be seen naked OR you are about to have sex. Plus in her case she likes to tease with her well developed body to gain things like dinners and drinks.


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                            Originally posted by al1inaz:
                            My wife is accepting and wishes that she could be nude as openly as I am nude.
                            Have you suggested to her that her own mind is what controls her destiny, and that this is probably the easiest wish she will ever have, to make come true?


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                              One day last summer, I was at one of my favorite out-of-the-way spots at the lake getting some sun when a couple on horseback stopped at a nearby picnic table for their lunch break. I probably never would have known they were there except that one of the horses whinnied. My state of dress didn't appear to be a problem, and they were more interested in a liplock than what I was wearing anyway, but I slipped on the shorts just to show respect.

                              Come to think of it, they may have been looking for a private place themselves. Maybe the really courteous thing to do would have been to bugger off and let them have the spot. Hmmm....



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