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    I was out back painting while nude the other day when the dog started barking. Just as I look up there is the mail lady who drove up to the house to deliver a package too large for the mailbox. I quickly just went behind the structure I was painting to wait her out. No idea if she saw me while driving in. Good chance. But now she decides to play with the dog for awhile. Thought she would never leave, but heard her tell the dog she had to get going and finally left. I continued with my painting.

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    I don't make it a habit but ... I've had to answer the front door naked but shielded from the UPS guy and the FedEx guy. We sometimes have wine shipments sent when we visit other states. We always go carry on so bringing our wine home with us is not an option. If no one answers the door to sign for the alcohol, they will not leave it and then it sits another day or longer in a hot truck or hot warehouse.

    I usually have a pair of shorts and shirt in the office but there are times when I've thrown them in the laundry basket and now I'm scurrying for something before the delivery guys take off. I stand behind the door and take the electronic gadget to sign for the package and they slide it in passed the door, smile and say "have a nice day."... and off they go. Our mail lady has come to the door but she always rings the bell and runs off to her truck and takes off. I wait til she's driven away and go out and retrieve the package. I would imagine if she caught you and you at least made an effort to shield yourself, she may have appreciated it or stated that it was fine and she wasn't offended but I think you did the right thing.


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      I used to keep a robe handy or a pair of shorts close by, but the doors in my current house have glass in them. I have been nude several times when someone comes, and they just have to wait until I slip something on. We have a friend who usually comes in without knocking, if the door isn't locked. One of these days, she may get a surprise!


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        Maybe she saw you painting and was playing with the dog waiting for you to come chat. You could have held the paint can in front of you, smiled sheepishly, apologized humorously, and both had a good laugh.


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          Originally posted by jasenj View Post
          Maybe she saw you painting and was playing with the dog waiting for you to come chat. You could have held the paint can in front of you, smiled sheepishly, apologized humorously, and both had a good laugh.

          hahaha ... I like this approach!


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            ...which reminds me of my previously mentioned experience of a neighbor mother and her girl scout cookie selling daughter who rang our doorbell twice and were surprised when I opened the door clothed... Kind of the inside-out -- being "caught" clothed!


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              I saw her driving by me in the post office parking lot yesterday. She just smiled and waved.


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                I see that this thread hasn't had anything written in quite some time, but I just have to add my "caught" story.
                I have a small business that I cut and apply vinyl graphics to customers cars, trucks, windows, trailers and anything else they want.
                A couple of weeks ago here in Michigan it was quite hot and humid at 7:30 in the morning. I was working on a customers van in the garage. Since it was so hot and I'm the only employee, I took off my sweaty shorts and was comfortably working naked. I was up on a ladder when I heard a vehicle coming down the driveway. Before I could get off the ladder and get my shorts back on the car was stopping on the concrete approach. I looked out at the car and saw 4 ladies in the car. "BUSTED"!! The driver got out of the car and walked right up to me and told me that they were lost and had been driving around for about 20 minutes trying to figure out how to get to Shipshewana, Indiana. They happened to see my garage doors up and figured someone could give them the directions they needed. She showed me a Mapquest paper they had printed and were asking where the road was that they needed. All this time I'm standing there naked and she just acted as if it was the most natural way to greet someone that just happened by.
                I gave her the directions that she was asking for and she even asked me to write them down for her, which I did. As she was leaving she said thank you and told me to stay comfortable in the heat. As they drove out of the driveway all 4 ladies were smiling and waving. I can only imagine the stories they told their husbands when they got home and the laughs at the next bridge club meeting.
                I will continue to work anywhere outside around the house naked, so I'm sure I'll be caught again. Oh well my property, my rules. If it offends others maybe they should try another driveway to drive down.


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                  great story bareacres. I have an 8' fence around my back yard so I can go nude there anytime. No encounters there yet though


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                    Anymore ... I don't consider it "caught", I just consider it "seen/observed." Our nudity around the outside of the house is never lewd or intended for anyone's view or enjoyment. If they see us, they see us. We're not doing anything any differently than we would clothed out in our front yard where we have zero privacy.

                    ​My wife and I have spent thousands of dollars to do what we possibly can to give us the privacy we need and all we ask of neighbors is to give us the privacy we deserve and if they can see us, either look the other way, if it bothers them, or come and tell us so we can do what we can to block their view.

                    ​We have been seen by neighbors and I've been seen up close and personal by the gardener and a few of the various pool guys. One pool guy, in his early 50's, kept switching days and times of day on us when he was suppose to visit and take care of the pool. After the second time, after I went in and slipped on shorts, I told him. "If you can not come at the same time, the same day, every week, you're gonna be seeing me naked a lot more. Your choice." He did it again, came on a different day, tried to give me some excuse and I just stood there naked and let him try and explain, as he acted like a 12 year old girl. He became some kinda drama queen. He left that day and I walked him out of the gate and told him, "don't bother coming back. We no longer want your services." The other pool guys, no longer working for us, just said, "sorry", kept their heads down til I went inside the house.

                    ​Our gardener came on a different day and saw me coming around the corner of the house. He apologized profusely but looked me straight in the eye and said, he was not embarrassed and or upset. He did say that he would be sure to alert me when he was coming on a different day, even though the day he showed up and saw me, he had a very valid excuse for doing so. Since then, he's alerted me only three times that he was coming on a different day ... 3 times in 10 years!

                    ​Our newest pool guy, 20 something, saw me once but I didn't see him. I came out of my workshop and walked around the corner of the house and he was kneeling over the pool testing the water. I turned around and walked back to the shed and closed the door. He came by the shed and said, "Hi! I'll be over here working on the filters for a few minutes." That was my cue that the coast was clear to go back inside if I wanted, which I did. Before he left, he came to the front door and said, "Sorry for that. Next time I'll be sure to make a bit more noise so you know I'm here." I said, "I'm okay with it if you're okay with it." He said, "no worries ... it's up to you." Though I've not been seen by him again since that time, at least I know that if I am, he won't act like an idiot or a little girl.

                    ​Both next door neighbors, the original neighbors and current neighbors, have seen me and probably my wife naked out in the back yard. They've both seemed to be accepting or at least tolerant of our nudity. The previous neighbor even stood on something, his shoulders over the fence line and got my attention while I was stand in our patio. He motioned to me that he wanted to talk. After I hung up the phone and ran through my mind the reasons he'd want to talk to me, the phone rang ... it was him. I figured he'd want to ask me to stop being naked in my yard. I was loaded and ready for that but he surprised me and simply said, "can I have your pool guy's number, we just fired ours!"

                    ​I think because we just act normally, don't hide or run for cover, are friendly, good, responsible neighbors ... they don't care that we are naked in our backyard. The current neighbors have seen us plenty of times and they just let us know when they will have family/friends staying over and that the one window with a view of our side yard, where I am naked many times, will be open. I acknowledge and tell them "thanks for the heads up," and we remain good neighbors.


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                      My suspicion is that there are thousands of stories like yours, FireProf & bareacres. I expect the vast majority of people are not overly concerned or offended by nudity - and many find it a source of amusement. But the very vocal minority and the dire potential consequences (sex offenders registry) keep those who enjoy nudity very cautious.


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                        I understand what you're saying but ... I'm almost militant about hiding our lifestyle or limiting it to clubs and resorts ... or only the inside of our home. We are cautious and that's why I truly feel so strongly that I would, without hesitation, get a lawyer and fight any accusations about what we do or what someone might accuse us of doing in our backyard and I think that's why our neighbors have been tolerant or accepting.

                        ​So far ... so good!
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