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  • Westworld

    I recently binged watched this new series and was very impressed with its natural approach to nudity.
    Kudos to the actors and to the directors for making this so real and so right.

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    Not watched it yet but ever since we've gotten Netflix, we have been binge watching lots of programs. Westworld is on the radar! ;-)


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      I've only seen a couple of episodes but I've also heard of Westworld receiving big thumbs up for its natural nudity.

      I guess it makes sense. A cyborg wouldn't really have a concept of body-shame.

      A big honorable mention should go to Thandie Newton. In several episodes she is completely nude - acting naturally and very well - with a clothed cast and crew. That takes gusto.


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        My take is slightly different. The casual nudity is there to separate the robots/androids from the humans. Humans do not walk around with no clothes on. Robots do.



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