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  • A panomramic picture

    You are at a clothing optional beach and see someone with a phone it appears that they are taking a panoramic picture of the beach how would you react?
    ​Would it make a difference how far away from the beach they were standing .

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    It wouldn't bother me in the least.


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      I think the reality of it is in today's world, cell phones are everywhere along with video and security cameras. I think we have to assume that we can be photographed at any time and are probably caught by many more cameras that we are aware of. That, of course, doesn't mean its ok for someone to take direct close up shots of someone on a beach without their consent, but a panorama shot falls under the category of harmless to me.


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        It would don't bother me. I'm nude and I'm at a clothing-optical beach. What's the big deal?
        Also, in the U.S., you have no assumption of privacy in any public space.


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          I like taking pictures everywhere I go. A panoramic pic or a video scan wouldn't bother me unless the camera was very close. Then I might turn away. If I was taking a photo I'd take it from the dune area near the fence. Just close enough to see the people are nude but not recognizable. And I might post it on a nudist site that had a group or forum thread about that beach. And I'd be nude too.


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            We don't care. A cell phone or camera taking pictures at the beach, a club or resort. I tend to trust those with their cameras out and in the open more than those with their cameras hidden or concealed. I've always said, "it's not the cameras you see that should concern you, it's the ones you don't see."


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              I would ask them to send me a copy


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                Our nudist friends were all gathered up in the PNW for a long weekend at one couple's home. We'd taken a day trip to Collins Beach on Sauvie Island, OR., something we do each time we visit these friends. We always take pictures of each other, the large ships going up and down river and the usual group picture. Our closest nudist friends from CO was still using his small digital camera with a timer for the group shot. He was getting it ready to take the group picture when he found that his zoom was not working. He tried several things and was pointing the camera out at the river while a large ship was navigating up river. Two younger women were in the vicinity of the photo but were not in the frame. They started to flip off my friend and were saying something but were too far away to hear exactly what was being said. My friend taking the picture was concentrating on his camera not working and oblivious to the women's reaction to the camera pointed in their direction.

                ​After a minute or so, I asked my friend for his camera. I took it over to these women and explained what he was doing and that we/he would never take a picture of someone without asking. They went on and on about cameras not being allowed on nude beaches and such and they actually thought that was some kind of law. I had to explain that being a public beach, there is no law ... just an unwritten agreement that you shouldn't take pictures of others, anywhere, without their permission but it was not against the law to take pictures at a public beach or in a public place, no matter if it's a textile place of nude place. It's an agreement we and our friends adhere to and never break.

                ​I offered to show them the photos he took. They saw the photos my friend had taken and of the ship in the background. They were in fact in the frame ... from their shoulders up. Furthermore, you couldn't even tell if they were male of female, from the head shots at that distance, and each time you enlarged the photo, the more distorted their image became. I explained what he was trying to do and that seemed to calm their reaction. The upside ... I invited them over to meet all of us and have a beer or glass (cup) of wine. They accepted. They went up to my friend and said ... "sorry we flipped you off!" He replied ... "you flipped me off ... Why?" He didn't even see them do that while he was taking the picture of the ship, trying to get his camera to work. We had a good laugh and our PNW friends, who visit Collins Beach regularly, made a couple of new friends that they still see at the beach to this day.



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