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  • A panomramic picture

    You are at a clothing optional beach and see someone with a phone it appears that they are taking a panoramic picture of the beach how would you react?
    ​Would it make a difference how far away from the beach they were standing .

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    It wouldn't bother me in the least.


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      I think the reality of it is in today's world, cell phones are everywhere along with video and security cameras. I think we have to assume that we can be photographed at any time and are probably caught by many more cameras that we are aware of. That, of course, doesn't mean its ok for someone to take direct close up shots of someone on a beach without their consent, but a panorama shot falls under the category of harmless to me.


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        It would don't bother me. I'm nude and I'm at a clothing-optical beach. What's the big deal?
        Also, in the U.S., you have no assumption of privacy in any public space.


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          I like taking pictures everywhere I go. A panoramic pic or a video scan wouldn't bother me unless the camera was very close. Then I might turn away. If I was taking a photo I'd take it from the dune area near the fence. Just close enough to see the people are nude but not recognizable. And I might post it on a nudist site that had a group or forum thread about that beach. And I'd be nude too.


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            We don't care. A cell phone or camera taking pictures at the beach, a club or resort. I tend to trust those with their cameras out and in the open more than those with their cameras hidden or concealed. I've always said, "it's not the cameras you see that should concern you, it's the ones you don't see."



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