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what do you wear on a nude beach or clothing optional beach

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    Originally posted by Eldernude View Post
    Not any nude beaches near Atlanta so I don't get to one very often. When I traveled for business I'd visit one iwhen close by. Just shorts and shirt and beach shoes of some kind. If carring stuff, folding chair, towel , umbrella etc. I'd stay dressed until I picked a spot then dropped it all then get naked , then set up. Going back to the car it was the opposite. I'd get as close to the beach ramp as I could before putting on shorts. So, that's a good question. When do you get dressed when heading back to the car to go home?

    There's always Serendipity or Paradise Valley.


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      I have been to Serendipity and enjoyed itvery much


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        I haven't been to either of those clubs but I did visit Bell Acres Resort recently.


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          When I used to go to Bell Acres I wouldn't get dressed again until I was actually at my car. I actually do that at most of the resorts I visit.

          The nude beach is a little different. I tend to get dressed before leaving.


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            Nothing at all! That why it's called a nude beach or clothing optional beach! LOL!

            Ken Palmer


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              many times when I go to the naturist resort near me, (Wildwood) I don't get dresses again until I am almost home and since I park my car on the street, I have to put my shorts back on, get in the house and then take them off again. Wish I could just keep the clothes off