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briefest swimwear for men?

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  • briefest swimwear for men?

    Could any man who subscribes to these pages tell me what is the briefest swimwear he has worn at a public swimming pool without being told to cover up? (I am particularly interested in the attitudes of the authorities in the UK, France and the US.

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    I would probably think that the thong would be the suit of choice, at least of legally having the least amount of material.


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      Thong NOT look good on men...JMHO...LOL


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        Originally posted by shomymojo:
        Thong NOT look good on men...JMHO...LOL
        That "thong" that Sasha Baron Cohen wears in the movie "Borat...." had to have been custom made for the movie. Has anyone EVER seen one like that in existence? I don't think even International Male would dare to sell that jock-strap with suspenders in it's catalog.

        As far as thong swimsuits not looking good on men, well as in anything of textile fashion, I suppose it depends on the man.

        A very brief bathing suit is obviously going to look absurd on someone with an extended one pack hanging over. But the same thing can be said for women who don't belong in skimpy bikinis more appropriate to younger women less burdened with excess adiposities.

        Now Cohen, obviously is in pretty good physical shape. I know there are some who go to the smoothies philosophy who might find his natural hairiness off putting, but hey that's just a manifestation of his genetic heritage from those Northeastern European pales of settlement. Hey, I've got those very same genetic markers. I'm kind of proud of my hair, and it keeps me warmer than others when I strip down at the beach up here around the middle of April.

        Borat's thong was meant to look ridiculous. He was poking fun at the popularity of thongs and the briefest of briefs worn among men in Eastern Europe.
        If one is overweight, thongs and speedos just don't do it guys. Frankly in those situations you simply ARE better off naked. If you can't be naked, then wear boxer trunks. Or wear those ridiculous "surfer" trunks the young guys wear. How they don't sink to the bottom with those things, I'll never know.



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          Tan through swim suits


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            I've worn a thong at the Mandarin pool in Singapore and a hotel pool in Bombay. I also rigged my sailboat for a year at Changi Sailing Club in Singapore before anyone complained. After that, I wore European cut swimsuits, which are MUCH more brief than a typical Speedo.

            At a resort in Phuket, I wore a thong.


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              For another supplier of super-brief swimwear, see
     for their range...

              a bit expensive, but racy and risque as well..

              and - I do think some of these would be too brief for public pools - more suited to more private pools, and reasonably quite beaches.


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                My original reason for asking this question was to ascertain how far one could push the limits in public pools as a preliminary to persuading authorities (obviously this would be over a long period of time to allow nudity there. I am thinking particularly of the UK where anti-nudity attitudes may not be so extreme as in the States.


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                  The briefist thing I hae worn is a smile.


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                    I wear a thong when in the pool at my local gym. First I saw a few others wearing them and there was no problem, so I started!


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                      Kewl website for men's swimwear ..... would love to see more men wear such on beaches where you have to wear swimsuits.



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                        as far as swimming in a pool, I have only dared to rear a speedo.

                        As far as the beach goes, I have used a thong and a thong that was more like a G-string. This was outside the USA. I tried it a few times in the USA and got a lot of strange looks.


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                          In a public swimming pool in most any town in the USA I'm sure a Speedo would even get a few crosseyed looks. I wouldn't dare wear a thong in a place like that.
                          Even on the beaches around here you would probably have to answer to the police if you wore a thong.
                          The only place I dared wear a thong was on the Florida beaches near Haulover and South Beach and also a couple beaches in Mexico. Unless Nobody else was around, Then the "gloves" came off.
                          I don't go to beaches very often anyway, unless I'm on vacation. And then I usually go by what the regulars are wearing. But you won't ever catch me in those silly "Board Shorts".



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                            I have worn a thong on the beach in FL. but mostly just a regular suit or nothing


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                              Around here I usually wear a very small boxer style swimsuit made out of Lycra. On vacation in Florida, I normally wear a Lycra g-string or nothing at all.



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