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Nude baby ads inquiry

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    Re: Nude baby ads inquiry

    Originally posted by simonsebs View Post
    Babysec, Leandro Mancini, Director

    What has happened to us as a society where something that was once seen as innocent is now seen as perverse?
    It's because we live in fear of everything. They wouldn't show this commercial here for fear of arousing a pedophile in the audience, who would naturally then go out and molest some kids.

    Same reason they changed the image of the Coppertone girl. First they removed the line that divided her "cheeks" giving her a solid one-piece bum, then they seemed to realise that looked stupid and drew her with her swimsuit higher, covering it completely. North America is in love with-- and terrified of-- sex and the human body.

    Great commercial though. I still have hope that one day we will manage to grow up as a society, but I am doubtful that it will be in my lifetime.


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      Re: Nude baby ads inquiry

      The thing that most don't understand is that they could be making the problem worst!!

      The more people censor naked images of children the more exciting it can become to see them.

      Native people use to walk around naked and bath in the river naked and the men didn't seem to get excited about it.

      So if a boy grows up seeing naked images of other children often, he may not find them arousing in adulthood.