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Facebook apologises after taking down picture which violated its policy on nudity

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  • Facebook apologises after taking down picture which violated its policy on nudity

    Facebook has apologised after taking down a photo of a statue of the sea god Neptune that originally violated its policy on nudity.

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    CNN has a more informative article about this ridiculous story. From the story, Facebook appeared to violate its own policy (unless it was recently updated) according to the message the woman received: "The use of images or video of nude bodies or plunging necklines is not allowed, even if the use is for artistic or educational reasons." But in the Facebook nudity policy, it specifically states that "We also allow photographs of paintings, sculptures, and other art that depicts nude figures." There is no possible way the statue could have been deemed to be sexually suggestive. Of course, the Facebook nudity policy is geared toward the global community Bob S.


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      Still happy I don't do Facebook.


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        FB served it's purpose in the beginning, for me/us, but it's become something we visit on occasion. I spend more time unfollowing or unfriending friends because all they want to do it post their political views about EVERYTHING! I was able to reconnect with friends from HS, the Navy and stay in contact with friends from the Fire Dept. that had moved away to other states. But when your politics take over what you're posting and you no long post anything about your family ... I'm done with ya! We are pretty much done with FB anyway.



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