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One of the things that I like about nudism is that it is un-Islamic.

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    Originally posted by Mosquito_Bait View Post
    1. There are no official nude beaches in Turkey. There are a few beaches that are sufficiently remote that a person could get away with being nude, but don't expect to see any beaches with throngs of nudists. A few years ago, there was an attempt to open a nudist resort in Turkey. Local officials closed it down based on a building code violation a few days after it opened. I have not heard that the place ever reopened. .
    A good few decades ago I visited Club Mediterranée at Kusadasi in Turkey where one small section of beach was nude and a somewhat larger section topless. Obviously that was a private resort, so not an "official" nude beach. Don't know what has happened there since but I agree - if you want to go nude in the Aegean or Mediterranean, don't head for Turkey as first stop.


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      Originally posted by Naturist Mark View Post

      Yes, and we could also cite chapter and verse from Christian scriptures that have no place in Christian practice - for instance stoning a disobedient child to death, raping the women of your fallen enemies, requiring women to be silent in church, etc.
      Which only goes to show that almost all christians ignore large parts of the Bible.

      Those two verses from the Koran are about avoiding the sin of lust. When nudity is separated from sexuality it is no longer a cause of lust.
      I'm going to lust after a good looking woman whether or not she has clothes on. If she is in a bikini, she is going to grab my attention all the more. Taking off the bikini isn't going to make much difference. Being nude is seperated from sexuality only in the sense that falling off a 110 story building is not more dangerous than falling off a 90 story building. The impact is pretty much the same.

      To be certain, fundamentalism is stronger in Islam than most of Christianity, but there is nothing intrinsic in nudism that would prevent devoted followers of either religion to practice nudism - despite the contrary opinions of their fundamentalist factions.
      Only because people won't let their religion get in the way of what they want to do.