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  • #16 day (dunno when) I hope nudism would be accepted in Malaysia...& one day too I hope all Malaysian nudists can meet up & start something to get the nudist movement here a start! Hope to meet you too RandyTess!


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      Hi BorneoNudist,

      If you are every in my part of the woods (KL). Give me a call, we could meet up.


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        Re: Nudists in Asia...

        Originally posted by bindas View Post
        Hi friend,I am also from India.I like nudist way of life. As u know that lot of problems dure to the conservative thinking. There may be many people longing to meet other nudist friends. I like the idea of nudist gettogethers and picnics, i am for it. Pls.keep in touch.U may contact me on my email.
        Originally posted by raram1:
        Originally posted by BorneoNudist:
        Hi everyone. Are there any nudists located/residing within the Asian region? You dont have to necessarily be Asian...just as long as youre a nudist Im looking forward in getting to know as many nudists as I can...who knows maybe in the future we could arrange for nude vacations & trips somewhere. Or if anyone else out there are frequent travllers to this region or South East Asia especially, drop a line too...looking forward to getting to know many of you! Cheers!

        Naturism in Thailand as of 14 Oct 2010
        If you're traveling with fellow nudists, you have increasing naturist options in Thailand. There are resorts that cater to naturist/nudists; another other option is to rent a secluded villa with a swimming pool. Either way you can use one as your base of operations for the balance of a conventional, textile vacation.
        A growing Thailand Naturist Association recently formed. At last count there were over 450 members. Monthly meeting are held as well as special events, nude cruises, and other outings. They are continually researching resorts that could be used for naturism.
        Contact them at:
        Pattaya, Thailand
        Pattaya is on the seacoast about 1.5 hours east of from Bangkok. so you have access to the long, wide beach there. There are off shore islands that have been used for naturist activities. There’s a lot to do and see in the area plus Pattaya is on the mainland, south-southeast of Bangkok about 110+ miles so it's easy to visit both cities. You can reach Pattaya via ground transportation via bus or train in 1.5 hours if you choose, resorts will arrange transportation if requested.
        Chan Twin Resort (previously Chan Resort)
        Chan Twin Resort for Nudists: A new clothing optional property that might appeal to nudists primarily is being advertised for nudist use. Chan Twin Resort is a member of the Naturist Friendly Resorts of Thailand Naturists. Chan Twin Resort is located in Pattaya where we've visited before.

        Chan Resort (under construction)
        This new resort is under construction and hopefully will have its grand opening in early 2011. The resort owners consulted Thailand Naturist Association on resort design aspects that would be complimentary to naturists.
        Edina Nude Cruises
        The Edina has twice before conducted nude cruises with Thailand Naturist Association, one for a full day and another for two days cruise of the off shore island of Pattaya.

        Cha Am, Thailand
        Cha Am is located on the sea coast about 2.5 hours drive west from Bangkok.
        Thai Bamboo Resort
        A wellness day in our resort with Thai massage, the smell of jasmine and relaxing music, plus our lovely garden pool. Simply what you deserve: A nice naturist holiday!
        Contact them at:


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          Re: Nudists in Asia...

          looks like something interesting going on in Thailand. Maybe during my next trip down there, I can join one of their activities


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            Re: Nudists in Asia...

            I'm a European living in Taiwan, which has no nude beaches or resorts, and no official naturist association(s), only small private groups who go for hikes in the near-unpopulated mountain areas.
            What's happening in Thailand looks like a great development and will hopefully serve as a model for other Asian countries.


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              Re: Nudists in Asia...

              Nudists are a live and well at we are over 750 members strong and are very active.
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