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First time Nude with Opposite Gender

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  • First time Nude with Opposite Gender

    I have been wondering. What was your first expereince nude with members of the opposite gender like? Guys what was it like meeting up nude with girls/women nude, ladies what was it like first time nude with men/boys? Was this a public experience or a private, one on one experience? Was it your first time nude in front of others or had you been same gender nude before. Did you grow up with mixed nudity, so seeing someone of the other gender was never a big thing?

    Or conversely have you not as yet been in a mixed gender nude situation?

    I would be interested to read your experiences.

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    It was no big thing, and to be honnest with you, I do not even remember when I was nude with people of the opposite sex.


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      For me it was absolutely immaterial that there were women and girls, when I was naked for the first time in a social setting. It was a swim evening in a local pool.

      The big thrill was the fact that I was naked without having to hide it or be very careful about it.
      It is now nearly 40 years ago and I have not forgotten the thrill of diving into the pool naked for the very first time.


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        The first time for me was on Little Beach in Maui. I don't remember anything unusual about my first mixed company nude outing. The only thing that comes to mind when I think back on it now is how wonderful the experience was of being able to be nude in such a beautiful place and setting. For the most part you will not pay any more attention to a mixed company setting than you would one that is not.


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          Yeah I really can't recall the specific moment I was nude in mixed company either. I wasn't arrested so it couldn't have been that bad (or good? lol)


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            I had been nude with males only, going swimming at the YMCA in the days when nude swimming was required, and when I was in the navy.

            I was shy about my nudity around girlfriends whom I wished to impress favorably, as I am not built with a prideful larger one. However, later, I was nude before my wife for 39 years. This experence prepaired me for being nude around other women, so when I went to my nudist club, I was at ease being nude around other women in the large group.
            Showering in tight quarters with (corpulent) nude women is an art, trying to keep from bumping into them when you (or they) have soap in eyes.
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              I guess I'm the odd one out, because I remember my first time nude in mixed company (or even among females, for that matter) QUITE well. It was at a New Jersey swim with the Tri State Sun Club on November 1, 2004 at around 7pm- how is THAT for specific? I was scared to death as I'd never been nude among others and was frightened especially of the men, very afraid that I'd be gang-raped or some such thing. I guess I was still getting over the nudity= sex hangup, though I had made alot of progress toward that end. Anyway, I met a very nice young man named Davon on my way into the swim and he kind of guided me through it. That helped a lot. Before I knew it, I was nude and fine. I was pretty self-conscious for a little while, that I remember, but it eventually wore off and I was hooked on the free feeling of being in the hot tub and pool clothes-free. I wish I could find that young man again and say 'thank you!'



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                That is easy for me to remember since it was only a few months ago. surprisingly it was no big deal. nobody paid any attention to me so it was easy to just be free


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                  When I was young my mom did babysitting to earn some spending cash. So my brother and I were always among mixed company, not always nude, but you know how kids are....when the mud puddle is ready, one must go. Baths in mixed company was no big deal as a kid....I don't know any kids who would care.

                  I took my teenage years off....insecurities.

                  I was a nudist for about 2 years before being brave or bored enough to find some company. My first nudist friend was a female 12 years older than me and we met a number of friends together at Haulover. So my whole social nudist experience has always been among mixed company.


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                    My first memory of seeing a nude female was at 4, at a nude beach. Being a young child, I remember being fascinated, and puzzled, by the difference between my genitalia and one particular woman sitting right behind me...there was nothing there but hair! Remember I was just a little kid expressing a child's curiosity.

                    In my twenties, as I became a social nudist, I was invited to a nudist home get-together. Sure, I had seen nude women before at the beach or resort; but always from a distance, never sitting next to me or standing right in front of me. I had never been that close to nude women I hadn't also been romantically involved with. I initially thought the close proximity might prove distracting or cause some embarrassment on my part; of course, I was wrong. As I began socializing and talking, my attention began focusing on the conversations and the people, and not the close proximity of the ladies' body's.


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                      I was in my mid-20s, when I started visiting nude beaches.


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                        First time nude in mixed company

                        I was about 5 and my sister was 3. Mom put both of us in the tub together to play and soak for a while before she came upstairs to scrub us clean. this lasted until I was about 7, when sis swallowed some soapy water and got sick.:eek:

                        First time nude as an adult was about age 25 when I saw a friends wife nude.


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                          My first time was one night at my sister in law's home after we all went out for dinner. My wife even surprised me by joining me in a skinny dip in her sister's pool. (That was the only time she ever went nude with me.)

                          That was 30 years ago. Since then, my only other experience was this past year when I finally got up the nerve to go to White Thorn Lodge. One of the members there, a very nice woman named Karen, showed me around after I stripped. Taking off my clothes in her presence seemed the most normal thing in the world. That afternoon, I felt as if I finally came home. There was never any feelings other than that of total freedom and acceptance.

                          Now, if I can only convince my wife to join me......


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                            Although I had been a closet nudist at home for many years, It wasn't untill Jaunary of 2001 that I was nude in mixed company of other nudists.

                            I got a deal on tickets to fly to Miami and spent a week at Haulover Beach.
                            Being new to the area, I first walked the beach looking for a less crowded area to stake my claim. Not finding that, I just plopped my stuff on the ground, looked around to see if anyone was paying attention to me, (they were not) and proceded to undress.
                            I was nervous about all the usual things that newbies fear. But once I was completly nude, feeling the sun and breeze on my body, all my fears vanished.


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                              I canít remember the first time I was nude with others, then and even now Iím always a little nervous at first then slow it starts to go away. I donít think I will ever get over them, but I am not shy to be nude in front others, whether they are clothed or not.