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Hello from San Francisco!

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  • Hello from San Francisco!

    Hi everyone!

    I've come to post here about my first experience today and maybe meet a few people around the area.

    So, I recently moved to San Francisco from east coast. I take photographs as an amateur so I had been looking for places to take photos of the Golden Gate bridge. After some research, I found about Baker Beach. I only have my "cheap" camera with me but I had nothing else to do so I hauled over there.

    It was a pretty nice day out, with lots of people out there on the beach. I started walking to the north to get closer to the bridge. From distance at first I saw this guy who I thought had a speedo that was really close to his skin color. But as I got closer, I realized that he was just naked! Pretty unexpected for me.

    Well, it didn't take me to realize that part of the beach was considered OK for nudism. There were literally dozens of people in all forms of undress, just hanging out without a care.

    Then I kinda had this thought about trying that myself. It was a city that I am new to so there'd be no chance of anyone seeing me. Also that I am the kind of person who loves saying "been there, done that" so I decided to give it a go right there.

    I didn't have a towel or anything, just my backpack but oh well. I took off my shirt and pulled down my shorts (as fast as I could to make sure I couldn't chicken out).

    And man, it was so awesome. I don't know if it was feeling the breeze all over me or the fact that I felt like I stumbled upon something that was hidden before me. I was naked right there, in front of both dozens guys and girls (mostly guys though). There were people who were naked like me, there were people who weren't and quite a few curious parties.

    But honestly, none of it mattered. I just walked around the beach for a good hour, all naked. It was just a tad awkward when I would walk towards clothed people but hey, it is their problem.

    Anyway, sorry for the long repose. I had been very excited about this experience and I really wanted to share it with someone. After some research I had found this site and felt like you guys (and gals) would appreciate it.

    Also, I'd be more than welcome to meet people from the area. I felt I had been missing out a little hanging around the beach myself and as I am new to the city, there's literally no one here that I know.

    Thanks a lot in advance for reading!

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    Re: Hello from San Francisco!

    Cool story. Glad you had fun


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      Re: Hello from San Francisco!

      Welcome, the_breeze:
      You had a really great adventure.
      Next thing would be trying the "bay to breakers".
      Lucky guy, wish I lived near SF.


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        Re: Hello from San Francisco!

        Welcome and congrats on your new found freedom! It's great that you have a beach close to you to enjoy! Many happy returns!



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          Re: Hello from San Francisco!

          What a fantastic story. I am sure you will love it here in San Francisco, as there are dozens of opportunities to be naked.


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            Re: Hello from San Francisco!

            San Fransico. If it was warmer, I'd love to move there as it's the only city in the country that allows public nudity.