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Annual "Get up and go" rant for 2014

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  • Annual "Get up and go" rant for 2014

    Every year, I end up making this same pitch. I was reminded of it because I stumbled into someone on here who wanted to encourage others to enter a "virtual nudist world".

    Time for the 2014 rant, which isn't going to be very much different from the 2013 rant!

    My wife and I are into the actual, and very real world of social nudism. We belong to one landed club, and three active non-landed groups.

    We again had our annual November vacation at Cypress Cove in Florida , attended three parties and at least a half-dozen swims.

    And now - the warm weather is upon us. In seven weeks or so, the nudist parks in New England open up for the summer. In more southern areas, they will be opening up sooner, some are open now. We will be renewing our landed club membership, attending the Eastern Naturist Gathering in Pennsylvania, taking our annual Cove trip in November, and perhaps going to the Canadian Naturist Fest. Not sure about that.

    Now, let me ask you this. IF YOU HAVEN'T TRIED NUDE RECREATION YET, WILL YOU DO IT THIS YEAR? If not, why not?

    Are you shy? Well, don't be, at every nudist / naturist facility, you'll find lots of friends, you just haven't met them yet. You'll drink, dine, dance, laugh, socialize, exercise, and expand your social circle of friends quickly. You can get out and experience life -- and have new life experiences.

    Or, you can just sit at the keyboard and dream about it for another year.

    So, what are you going to do? Will we see you at any events this summer? And if you don't know how to go about doing it, ask here. There's probably a place near you, or a group near you, where you will be welcome.

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    Some, I mean, many of us would love to try recreational nudism but are unable to due to family circumstances. It's hard to just break away to go here or there, when schedules have to be followed. Personally, my schedule does not permit us to just "up and leave" on a moments notice "MIL lives with us". Trying to find someone who will actually take time out of "their" schedule to help out is virtually impossible. Sure, we have had times we took off to have some peace and quiet, but it takes several days to make arrangements for someone to come over and stay. One day.


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      I envy you lurk. In fact I envy everyone who has a wife/partner who will participate in this lifestyle with them. I don't. My wife has her reasons, but she will have no part of it and tolerates very little nudity on my part as well. She will do the hot tub and pool nude when we're home alone, but that's all. Any other nude activity I get involved in is alone without her knowledge. I don't like it, but it's come to that or nothing.


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        dakref, I will tell you this = if my wife decided that nudism wasn't for her, I'd give it up. If she said "you can go but it's not for me" I would give it up. But I'd never go behind her back. It's not that important to me.