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  • Eastover Resort Today...

    Many people in here attended the Eastern Naturist Gathering in its heyday - when it drew 600-800 nudists at Eastover Resort in Lenox, MA.

    Those days are gone -- the resort finally "found itself" under its new owners but it's not catering to nudists....

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    Sounds like the place was in pretty bad shape. Maybe the new owners will be open to having some nude weeks.


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      It had run down, physically. Whether or not they would allow "nude weeks" is interesting -- they have a "tantric seminar" next year, so I suppose anything is possible, but they have plowed under their outdoor pool, and their per-day rates for meals and lodging are probably too high for most nudist budgets.

      Before it closed - my wife and I would rent a private room for two with its own bathroom. The cost for going to Eastover would round out to a little more than $200 a day for the both of us (after paying the TNS registration, etc.) but it was ALL-inclusive - meals - and they were good - lodging, entertainment, soft drinks, and it was a bring-your-own-bottle place - so the overall cost was relatively low. If you camped, or took a bed space in the mansion, it was even a lower price.

      Eastover was a working-man's / woman's resort. After several years of reconstruction and rehab, and also a few varied attempts to find a business model, they've settled on wellness /mindfulness / Chinese Medicine / Yoga, etc. seminars and things along those lines.

      One thing became very certain to those who went there for decades - and it wasn't just naturists - but all groups that went there -- the new owner had a ready-made audience and customer base eager to go back there, but the mode of doing business as was done under the previous ownership, did not seem to be in her plans. This was extremely evident when they opted to demolish the outdoor pool instead of repairing or replacing it.

      People who live in that area (Lenox / Pittsfield) appreciate that the facility wasn't bulldozed to the ground.

      Still - some of the best times of my life - the best vacations I ever had - were at the Eastern Naturist Gatherings held there for many years. I think we went to eleven of them. But not being into tantric yoga, Chinese medicine, "I'm OK, you're OK, let's be happy" seminars, I doubt I'll ever get back there again.

      One of the things many of my friends remark = "If I won Powerball, I'd buy the place out and run it as it used to run."
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