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Why are all the groups empty?

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  • Why are all the groups empty?

    Dynamic Figure modeling

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    "bodyworks2010" Being a member since 2002, I can bring you up to date on your question:

    Clothesfree forms, and Clothes Free Inc. let the SPAMMERS and HACKERS run wild on this site, did nothing about it until the site and server was overwhelmed and hacked off the air.

    The problem was contracted out to vBulletin Forums Software to solve, and as a result of being off the air for an extended period. CFF lost many members as a result, who gave up on went to other nudist sites.

    This site has been very slow to recover, and probably will never recover to previous membership, features or following,

    As a result of "Groups" being severely Spammed and Hacked, and Site being off the air, the "Groups" have never recovered to previous use, and remain mostly empty or not used.

    A word of Caution! Never post original images, or multimedia to this site without a Back UP. Much was lost forever in the past, and recovery of the hacked server as it was is lost forever.

    The Anti Hacker, Spammer, and Intrusion vulnerability of this current vBulletin Version 5.0.5 seem to be greatly improved.

    Thanks for posting in the "Groups" and keeping things active.


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      thx for the info


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        Great photo, Bodyworks!