I'm starting this blog just because I need a place to keep track of answers to questions I'm asked -- either that I've said, wish I'd said, or need to have handy in case something comes up. I want to revise these to be quick, pithy, and preferably something with a touch of humour to help people relax. Edits, suggestions and additions are welcome!

**** New ones *********

Q: So you think people should be able to be nude whenever they want?

A: Well, it makes sense to regulate optional behavior and equipment, but you can't regulate the basics. As convenient as it might be to leave breasts at home when not in use, no law can make that happen. So regulate clothing in context -- like, no swimsuits at the opera. Whether people are naturally and irreducibly nude can't be changed. Laws tend to treat clothing as a non-optional safety device, like seat belts. But you don't have to wear seat belts when you aren't driving. Why should you have to wear clothes in your backyard on a sunny day?

**** Previous ones *********

Q: So what are your summer plans?
A: "Well, some hiking or beach walks for one thing. I've discovered that one of life’s great simple joys is walking naked in the sun."

Q: Doesn't it bother you to be nude in front of other people?
A: "It doesn't bother me if it doesn't bother them -- after the initial novelty, they usually get used to it pretty fast. And, anyhow they are mainly impressed by how much Nike paid me for the tattoo."

Q: You don't wear a swimsuit at the beach?
A: "Actually, I don't wear a shower suit, a bath suit, a beach suit or a swim suit -- but if I were an Olympic swimmer, I definitely would get one of those speed suits!"

Q: You don't wear a swimsuit at the beach?
A: "I'm ok if other people feel the need to wear a sort of polyester diaper, but for me swimsuits just get slimy and full of bacteria and sand. I prefer to stay aired and cool and leave the sand at the beach."

Q: Why do you like to be nude?
A: "It actually works the other way around. I dress for the occasion -- tuxedo for the opera. power suit at the office, ski parka in the snow, goggles for welding, Nude is just everybody's natural default ..(pause).. So nude at the beach and on warm days, but Gore-tex for mountain snow or shopping mall air-conditioning!"

Q: Are you always nude at home?
A: "Well, I put away office clothes when I get home. I suppose I should get some anti-radiation clothes for TV-watching, but haven't got around to that yet."

Q: Are you always nude at home?
A: "No. Only before deciding what to wear to work. And then after work for chores like vacuuming. What? Your husband doesn't do the vacuuming?"

Q: Why did you start with the nudity thing?
A: I just realized that every body needs some daily clothes-free time to let the skin to breathe and be healthy -- some air-bathing to go along with diet, exercise and such. Besides, after a 100 push-ups,100 sit-ups and an hour of Bowflex, I figure I've earned some quality cool-down time."

Q: When are you usually nude?
A: "It depends. In the shower. Sleeping. Definitely at the beach because I hate getting sand in my trunks. Swimming -- why do people get dressed to get wet?. Wearing nothing sometimes just makes sense -- like on hot days or for SuperSoaker water gun fights,"

Q: Why would anyone want to see other people nude? I don't want to see THAT!
A: "Let me see... Nope -- people don't look particularly different nude -- most look better. Of course it's not about seeing other people nude, it's about just letting them be natural and, if they feel like it, without clothes. No big deal. How much extra does a bikini really cover anyway? Another advantage is that guys don't need to constantly readjust themselves."

Statement: Your neighbor called us to complain about the nude sunbathing!
A: "Oh, you guys sunbathe nude over at the police station too?"

Statement: I could never be a nudist!
A: "You don't have to be nudist to be ok with others being casually nude -- its just freedom of attire, like freedom of speech. Except of course that skinnydippers are whole lot less worrisome than Rush Limbaugh on talk radio."

Q: Do you want to go ________ this weekend? (insert favourite activity, eg. fishing, hiking, golfing)
A: "Great! Do you mind if I go _______ nude?"

Q: Doesn't being nude make people more sexual towards each other?
A: "Actually, people quickly forget they're nude. Clothing is just accessorizing. Without accessories like necklaces, t-shirts and baseball caps, its just tougher to tell who is rich, patriotic or a Yankees fan."

Q: Doesn't being nude make people more sexual towards each other?
A: "Oh, you're mixing up fashion with swinging. Swingers are sex enthusiasts with or without clothes. Naturists just think of no clothes as one part of their informal wardrobe. Sex is an activity, nudity is is a fashion choice, and, better yet, its the only part of one's fashion wardrobe that naturally changes by itself season-after-season without any expensive trips to Saks."

Q: Doesn't being nude make people more sexual towards each other?
A: "Acting sexual is something very distinct. Imagine yourself nude at a dinner party -- is your first impulse to act sexual?, Probably shy, or normal or maybe super nonchalant, right? Now imagine trying to start acting sexual -- what would you do? Awkward, right? Oddly, its the people wearing clothes who think that taking them off automatically leads to sex."

Q: But, for instance, would you be comfortable taking your clothes off right now?
A: "Go ahead, imagine me without clothes. You can look, it's ok. Now, we both can relax and continue our conversation without that stress-point. Hey, inner-kid-to-inner-kid, you wanna sneak out of here and go skinny-dipping?"

Q: What do you have to say for yourself?
A: "Your Honor, I don't have an "indecent" bone in my body. I'm the guy people stop on the street to ask directions. On French beaches, I don't wear clothes and I still get asked for directions. I wasn't doing anything remotely sexual. Sex is a private thing between me and my wife. I was just ___(insert activitiy)___ on a lovely warm day. If anything, I suppose I am guilty of being too innocent."