Interesting point I thought during a poolside conversation over the weekend about whether being nude was or wasn't a civil right, a matter of personal sovereignty.

"I'm not sure that nudity is so much a right," she said, "as a luxury. Just think of all the things that have to come together. Humans mainly use clothing for various kinds of protection, like against stickers, and bugs, and scrapes, and weather, and other less hygienic humans or less civil humans, and even against ridicule for being not perfectly beautiful in some way. Here we are lounging on soft towels in warm weather, in a controlled manicured environment, beautifully clean water with nothing lurking beneath, feeling safe and comfortable among nice people who are all taking a break from judgment and pretense. Think of all the prep it takes in so many ways to be here feeling so relaxed and carefree."

I like the idea that naturism is the ultimate luxury of truly civilized life.